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Big Clix Energy - Grant Morrison HeroClix - Part 1

posted 5 Mar 2019, 05:35 by Ben Hansom
(Invariably I always think these gallery posts will take no time at all and be a nice quick distraction for y'all on your lunch hour or whatever.  Also invariably, they always unexpectedly take *AGES* to do.  Ah well, such is life...)

Here's a gallery of DC HeroClix figures - plastic figures on bases, an inch or so in height, much like the wargaming metal minatures that were common when I were a lad but pre-painted, much cheaper and *much* easier to break - based on characters created (or re-created) by Grant Morrison and his artistic collaborators over the years.  I've tried to stick to figures that are really obviously based on Morrison comics.  Just as a fr'isnstance on the kind of thing I've left out, there are a bunch of HeroClix Zatannas and Mister Miracles but none of them look like they were *directly* inspired by the Seven Soldiers book, so I've left them out.

There is some sort of game you can play with these but I know absolutely zip about it, I just like looking at these weird little tchotchkes.  If you're some kind of an expert, please let me know about the ones I have invariably missedThere is another part to come though, so hold your horses about it, yeah? :)