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Awesome Almanac - The Multiversity Guidebook - Part 3

posted 1 May 2015, 15:03 by Ben Hansom
Another day (Dude, it's been nine freakin' weeks since you did the last one of these!), another fifteen alternate Earths (There's nothing on four of these Earths!  This is a total rip-off, I want my money back...)

Half-hearted apologies for the delay, I've been pretty busy.  I am getting bits and bobs done when I can though, so stay tuned for annotations for *all* of The Multiversity issues I haven't got around to yet (i.e. significantly more than half of them...)

Once again, thanks for all the comments and corrections, and please do keep them coming.  Let me know in your customarily brutal fashion if I've missed anything (else), or got something horribly wrong (again) - you can always reach me on the Twitter, or alternatively you can email me here.

Little bit more that four thousand words this time around on Earths 21 through 35. For anyone keeping score at home that means we've passed 10k words on just the guidebook bit of the Guidebook alone, if you know what I mean.  There's quite a bit to say about the story itself as well so this one's probably going to end up like a Stephen King-esque doorstop.  Anyway, that's all to come...