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Grant Morrison - Non-Comics Bibliography

A comprehensive bibliography of Grant Morrison's non-comic book work, covering fiction, non-fiction, drama, journalism, video game scripts, book introductions and all sorts of other work outside the comic book field.  Any reproductions are purely for scarily completist reasons and are © their respective authors - if you take umbrage with the inclusion of anything here please let me know.  Also, if you spot any errors or omissions, please get in touch.


  • Superman: Osgood Peabody's Big Green Dream Machine,
    (a: Barry Kitson) Superman Annual 1986, London Editions 1985
  • Batman: The Stalking,
    (a: Garry Leach) Batman Annual 1986, London Editions 1985
  • Captain Granbretan,
    (a: John Stokes) Captain Britain #13, Marvel UK 1986
  • The Braille Encyclopaedia,
    Hotter Blood, ed. Jeff Gelb & Michael Garrett, Pocket 1991
    The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror: Fifth Annual Collection, ed. Ellen Datlow & Terri Windling, St. Martin’s 1992
    Best New Horror 3, ed. Stephen Jones & Ramsey Campbell, Carroll & Graf 1992
    The Giant Book of Best New Horror, ed. Stephen Jones & Ramsey Campbell, Magpie 1993
    Lovely Biscuits, Grant Morrison, Oneiros Books 1998
  • The Room Where Love Lives,
    Hottest Blood, ed. Jeff Gelb & Michael Garrett, Pocket 1993
    Lovely Biscuits, Grant Morrison, Oneiros Books 1998
  • Lovecraft in Heaven,
    The Starry Wisdom, ed. D. M. Mitchell, Creation Books 1995
    Lovely Biscuits, Grant Morrison, Oneiros Books 1998
  • I’m a Policeman,
    Disco 2000, ed. Sarah Champion, Sceptre 1998
    Lovely Biscuits, Grant Morrison, Oneiros Books 1998
  • The Story Of Zero
    Skin Two 26, with Alexander Brattell & Steven Cook, Skin Two 1998
  • Lovecraft vs. Kthulhu
    Transcript of spoken word performance originally staged at 'Lovecraft Lives' event, Waterstone's Manchester, 6th August 1999

    The Starry Wisdom vol. 2 - Songs Of The Black Wurm Gism, ed. David Mitchell, Creation Oneiros Books, 2009
  • The IF
    Extract from unpublished novel, published on, 2002.
  • The Clown at Midnight
    (prose, a: John Van Fleet) Batman #663, DC Comics 2007
    Batman: Batman & Son, DC Comics 2007


  • Red King Rising,
    First performed at the Netherbow Theatre, Edinburgh July 17 1989,
    Directed by John Mitchell for Oxygen House
    Lovely Biscuits, Grant Morrison, Oneiros Books 1998
  • Depravity,
    First performed at the Netherbow Theatre, Edinburgh August 16 1990,
    Directed by John Mitchell for Oxygen House
    Lovely Biscuits, Grant Morrison, Oneiros Books 1998

Spoken Word

  • Alternity (transcript)
    Originally performed at the Colville Gallery London, 9th May 2002
    With Mee & Steven Cook
  • Lovecraft vs. Kthulhu
    Originally performed at 'Lovecraft Lives' event, Waterstone's Manchester, 6th August 1999.  Transcript printed in
    The Starry Wisdom vol. 2 - Songs Of The Black Wurm Gism (see above)
  • The Con (transcript)
    Originally performed at Morrisoncon, the Hard Rock Hotel, Las Vegas, 28th September 2012
    With Gerard Way and James Jean
  • Old Fox Dreaming (transcript)
    Originally performed at Graphic 2013, Sydney Opera House, 5th October 2013





  • Extract from the Invisibles
    Deliberately blurred reprint of The Invisibles v1 #10
    All Hawaii Entrees/Lunar Reggae
    , ed. Phillipe Pareno & Rachael Thomas, Charta/Irish Museum of Modern Art 2007

TV, Radio, Movies etc.


  • The Girl In The Picture (1986, dir: Cary Parker) -  Morrison appears as an extra in at least two scenes of this Scottish comedy film starring Gregory's Girl's John Gordon Sinclair
  • Cigarettes For Jesus (1986, short, dir: Ronnie Bookless) - Morrison appears as ‘the Christ’ in a leather jacket in this music short by Mixers band-mate Ronnie Bookless.  Its been aired a few time on the UK's Channel 4 in the middle of the night, but not, as far as I can tell, any time in the last 15 years or so.
  • Strangers (1999, short, dir: Sue Denim aka Susan Montford) - Morrison plays a bald Roman Polanski in this short about the Manson murders.  He's seen wrestling a bald Manson girl to the floor during a weird party in a huge decaying, burned out theatre.
  • Carnival Sun (2003, short, dir: Peter J. Nieves) - An aimless wander through the life of a narcisistic sculptor in noughties LA.  Adam Egypt Mortimer, director of the forthcoming Sinatoro, was a creative consultant.  Featuring fellow Scot Ewan Bremner (Trainspotting), Morrison has a cameo in a party scene as Eurotrash transvestite 'Edie Himmler'.
  • My Chemical Romance - 'Art Is The Weapon' (2010, music video, dir: Nate Weaver & Gerard Way)
  • My Chemical Romance - 'Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na)' (2010, music video, dir: Nate Weaver & Gerard Way)
  • My Chemical Romance - 'SING' (2010, music video, dir: Nate Weaver & Gerard Way)
  • Morrison appears as Korse, chief enforcer of the tyrannical megacorporation Better Living Industries and arch foe of The Fabulous Killjoys, as played by the band members themselves.  The character also appeared in the comic book that picked up the Killjoys' story some years later, 2013's True Lives of The Fabulous Killjoys, by Gerard Way, Shaun Simon and Becky Cloonan.
  • Stingers - Sex & Drugs & Deep House (2003, dir: Kevin Carlin) - Though Morrison is credited on IMDB as appearing in an episode of this long-running Australian cop drama (as drug dealer Timmy Boyle), it's actually an Australian actor with the same name who also recently appeared in a low-budget Oz horror flick called Citadel.  Weirdly, they do look fairly similar.



  • Halfway to Paradise - Channel 4, 1988 - Hoax interview for arts show directed by Jim Gillespie (I Know What You Did Last Summer)
  • Pebble Mill at One - BBC 1, June 1989 - Grant and Dave McKean appear on a cheesy daytime magazine programme to promote Arkham Asylum.
  • Reporting Scotland - BBC 1, November 1989
  • EX-S - BBC 1, March 1990 - Grant discusses John Wagner, Alan Grant and Robin Smith's The Bogie Man
  • Speaking Volumes - BBC 1, 26th August 1990 - Cult comic-writer Grant Morrison and novelist and journalist Allan Massie to talk about Enchantment by Monica Dickens , Joseph Roth 's The Legend of the Holy Drinker, and the fourth Interzone science fiction anthology.
  • Prisoners of Gravity - TV Ontario - Public access TV show about comics.  Morrison appears alongside Dave McKean in 'Miscellaneous' (January 1990), and 'Myths & Archetypes' (April 1991), and with Peter Milligan in 'Fear' (October 1991)
  • Burning Books - Channel 4, 1991 - Grant discusses Jon Savage's history of punk, 'England's Dreaming' with music journalist Steven Wells.
  • Don't Look Down - STV, August 1994 - 20 minute special.   Grant Morrison discusses his life and work.  Includes clips from a performance of Red King Rising.
  • Beam Me Up, Scotty - Channel 4, August 1995 - Part of a Channel 4 'Science Fiction Evening'.  Fifteen minute segment on comics includes an appearance by Grant.
  • EX-S: Carry On Comics - BBC 1, January 1998
  • The Key - BBC 2, November 1998 - Grant Morrison discusses The Invisibles in a segment for this Scottish arts show.
  • Late Flyte: Aliens Ate My Brain! - BBC Choice Scotland, November 1998 - Late night discussion show asking 'Why is sci-fi so popular?'
  • EX-S: The Wicker Man - BBC 1, December 1998 - Grant Morrison appears briefly alongside Mark Millar extolling the virtues of the Brit-horror cult classic.  Due to be included on the 2013 Blu-Ray 'The Wicker Man: Final Cut'.
  • DisInfo Nation - Channel 4, February 2001 - Disinformation founder Richard Metzger hosts an extended interview with Grant Morrison, covering his life and career, focusing particularly on The Invisibles.  Morrison also appears briefly in an earlier episode on Robert Anton Wilson (aired in January 2000 as part of the 4 Later strand).
  • SF:UK - Channel 4, April-May 2001 - Grant Morrison appears in episode 7, 'No More Heroes' and episode 8, 'The New Jerusalem', discussing various aspects of British science fiction.
  • The Point - STV, June 2001 - Weekly arts round up. Grant Morrison discusses a comic art exhibition at the Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow.
  • Happy Birthday, Broons! - BBC Four, December 2005 - Grant Morrison appears alongside Frank Quitely discussing their memories of seminal Scottish comic strip The Broons.
  • Ink! Alter-Egos Exposed - IFC Canada, 2009 - Grant appears in all 7 episodes discussing various aspects of contemporary comic-books.
  • Project: Comic-Con, Day 3: July 23rd - Sony Network Entertainment, 2010 - Grant is interviewed by Casey McKinnon in part three of a four part tour of the 2010 San Diego Comic-Con.  Originally distributed via the Playstation Network and Sony's YouTube channel.
  • Grant Morrison - Talking With Gods - Sequart Foundation/Respect Films, October 2010 - A feature length documentary on Morrison's life and career directed by Patrick Meaney
  • Secret Origin: The Story Of DC Comics - Warner Home Video, November 2010 - Morrison features in this documentary on the history of DC Comics
  • All-Star Superman - Warner Home Video, February 2011 - Animated feature of Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely's seminal series,  Special features include 'Superman Now', 'The Creative Flow', and a commentary track featuring Morrison and producer Bruce Timm..
  • Artworks Scotland: Scottish Comic Book Heroes - BBC 2, 2011 - How Scottish writers came to dominate the world of superheroes.  The Morrison interview used in the program was probably filmed in 2008, and was originally intended for a BBC career retrospective that wasn't completed.
  • Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope - Morgan Spurlock documentary about the San Diego Comic Con.  The Blu-Ray version contains an extended interview.
  • Warren Ellis - Captured Ghosts - Sequart Foundation/Respect Films, November 2011 - Patrick Meaney's follow-up to Talking With Gods features Morrison talking about Warren Ellis.
  • The Dark Knight Returns - Warner Home Video, January 2013 - Grant Morrison features briefly in two documentary shorts included on the Blu-Ray of The Dark Knight Returns animated feature; 'The Joker: Laughing in the Face of Death' and 'Superman vs. Batman: When Heroes Collide'.
  • Superheroes: A Never Ending Battle - PBS, 2013 - Grant is interviewed in this series looking at 75 years of superheroes.


  • No' The Archie McPherson Show - BBC Radio Scotland, 1988 - Morrison discusses Zenith and Arkham Asylum.  Hosted by Armando Ianucci.
  • Happy Birthday Batman - BBC Radio 2, February 1998 - Comedian Phil Jupitus looks back over 50 years of the Caped Crusader.
  • The Mix with Anvar Khan - BBC Radio Scotland, March 2001
  • The Brian Morton Show - BBC Radio Scotland, November 2001
  • Faster Than A Speeding Bullet - BBC Radio 1, June 2002 -.  Superman documentary.
  • Waiting for Superman - BBC Radio 1, July 2006 - The story behind Superman and the making of an American Icon.
  • The Guest DJ Project - KCRW Los Angeles, January 2012 - Grant Morrison is a renowned writer who explores the underbelly of pop culture and modern society through the prism of comic books. His music tastes are just as thoughtful, with a track that proves parodies can be as good as the original, some psychedelic hip-hop and a song he considers the theme to his cult favorite comic series The Invisibles.
  • Scotland Inspired - BBC Radio Scotland, October 2012 - Grant Morrison gives a 15-minute 'personal journey' that illustrates his inspiration and the lineage of his artform.
  • Mornings With Zan - Take 5 - Triple J Radio, October 2013 - Five songs for five characters.
  • Out of the Box with Heidi Pett - FBi 94.5, Sydney, October 2013 - Record Collections and Recollections.  Each week we delve into someone's record collection and talk about the music they love, the life they lead and how the two interact.

  • Battlestar Galactica, Xbox/PS2, Vivendi Universal, Warthog Games  2003 - Morrison contributed concept story work and an initial draft of the game script.  James Swallow is credited as scriptwriter in the finished game.
  • Predator: Concrete Jungle, Xbox/PS2, Vivendi Universal, Sierra Entertainment, Fox Interactive  April 2005