Designing Spaces: from the Physical to the Virtual Classroom

Presenter Bio:
Sarah is a Middle School and High School English teacher at Nexus International School Malaysia. Sarah embraces the philosophy that an inclusive, caring and creative classroom encourages the 21st century learners of today to be independent, critical thinkers who collaborate and learn together. She likes experimenting with her learning spaces to make the environment conducive to learning, often shaking up the normal use of space to try different things.  She pairs innovative learning practices with tried and tested methods to create a digitally powered classroom in which her learners thrive.

Twitter: @Sarah_Phoenix7
Instagram: sarahphoenix20

Session Overview:
Today's sessions will consider the problem of the changing paradigms of education and the need to prepare our students for the transitional 21st century workplace by focusing on the physical learning environment. We will consider how the physical classroom space and virtual learning environments can be used to enhance student learning. Using ideas inspired by The Third Teacher and Stanford D-School, this session will look at how all teachers can be designers of their classroom spaces: both physically and in the virtual cloud classroom.

Discovery Session

Join me for the discovery session where we will:
  • consider why classroom design is important;
  • introduce the Primordial Metaphor for Learning and explain the relevance of this to learning spaces;
  • look at three ideas to redesign your classroom on Monday.

Our Deep Dive session will have you working as a designer of your ideal classroom. Using the principles of design thinking we will consider the users of our classrooms and the diversity of their needs in order to redesign our learning spaces: both the physical and the virtual.

We will look at:
  • using the design thinking model to redesign the classroom;
  • imagine design ideas for your own classroom;
  • review the Primordial Metaphor for Learning and apply this to our design thinking;
  • consider virtual platforms and how they can be used to enhance the physical environments which we create.