Brian Collister is a freshman at Old Dominion University. For the last 6 years, Brian has been struggling with Crohn’s Disease, which is an autoimmune inflammatory bowel disease that can affect the digestive tract from the esophagus to the rectum. It can be very painful causing bleeding, vomiting and diarrhea. Recently, his doctors at the Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughter’s were concerned by his low white blood cell counts.

On February 28, 2012, just a week before his 18th birthday, Brian received news that would change his life forever. Brian was diagnosed with Hepatosplenic Gamma-Delta T-Cell Lymphoma, which is a rare form of white blood cell cancer. Each year, only 50 new cases are diagnosed in the world. The combination of the Crohn’s Disease and the cancer is life threatening.

This was especially devastating news as his mother, Terry, was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis 8 years ago. As her own health deteriorates, she is now watching helplessly as her son fears for his future.

Brian is being treated by specialists at Sloan Kettering, Johns Hopkins, and recieving general care at Children's Hospital of the King’s Daughters. In order to survive, Brian needs both Chemotherapy and a Bone Marrow Transplant.

The problem is, we have to find a match. 

Joining the National Register of Bone Marrow Donors increases the chances that a suitable match can be found, not only for Brian, but others as well.
We need people to (1) work the day of the testing event, (2) fund raise, and (3) get the word out!
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Please consider providing a monetary donation. Although the test to find a bone marrow match is free to the donor, it is very expensive to administer. Each test costs DKMS $65 to add a person to the register. Please help offset the cost of the testing and consider giving today. Help us reach our goal to raise $65,000 in Brian's honor.