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Electrical Engineer (18/04/2007, Unversity of Trieste, Italy)
                        Ph.D. in Information Engineering - DI3 - University of Trieste, Italy
Tutor: Prof. Thomas Parisini

Address (Lab.): Control Systems Group                                                         
                        Dept. of Industrial and Information Engineering (DI3)
                        University of Trieste                                                                
                        Via Valerio 10  -
34127 - Trieste, ITALY 

Phone :                 +39  040 5587814

Email :                   marco.filippo (AT) deei.units.it
                              marco.filippo (AT) phd.units.it

Ph.D. Education
  • Seminars on:
    • Uncertainty Logics - Bayesian Probability - Prof. A. Wedlin (Trieste University), 2008
    • Active noise filtering - Eng. A. Carini (Urbino University), 2008
    • Algebraic methods for Systems Theory - Prof. M. Policastro (Trieste University), 2008 
    • Electrical machines design (Trieste University), 2010

  • Extra-school courses (see here):
    • Advanced Ph.D. School "A. Ruberti" on Nonlinear Controls, Bertinoro, 2008
    • Advanced Ph.D. School "G. Zappa" on Modelling and Identification, Udine, 2008
    • Advanced Ph.D. School "A. Ruberti" on Lyapunov Techniques for Robust and Constrained Control, Bertinoro, 2009
    • Ph.D. Course on Filtering, Data Analysis and Optimization of Uncertain Systems, Politecnico di Milano, 2009
    • Advanced Ph.D. School "A. Ruberti" on Robotics, Bertinoro, 2010

Other qualifications

Diploma of Opera Singing, at "Conservatorio Statale di Musica G. Tartini" (Music Academy), 2008