Jan. 3, 2012

Minutes from January 3, 2012 Meeting

In Attendance: Kathy Lawson, Nancy Howe, Cara Audibert, Christy Davis, Kasha Robertson, Beth Jarvis, Amanda Coleman, Tom Christie, and Kellie Bowden.

The meeting was called to order at 6:35
Treasurer’s report: 
    Savings:  $3,869.56    Checking:   $4,983.86     Total:  $8,853.42

Budget Info: Wood chips were taken out of wrong account; transfer funds to set accounts right.

Other Business: Kelly Bowden taking over box tops & soup labels for school.

Discussed having Rob Surette “Amazing Heroes Art” show. To be followed up.

Discussed fundraising for Drama Club. Mentioned that perhaps renting an amp and new wireless mics for this year while saving for a new one may be more realistic. Waiting on Mr. Harris for exact pricing.

Upcoming Events: Family Zumba date set for Sunday March 11th @ 3  (see upcoming events for details)

Discussed Kuhn family fire and possible ways of helping.

Literacy Month: Speak w Amy Call about doing a community reader day for it during book fair. (April 2-7)

Winter Carnival was tabled until next year due to lack of snow!
Amanda Coleman motioned to adjourn.Cara Audibert seconded. 
Meeting adjourned 7:30
Next meeting date February 7, 6:30