April 3, 2012

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Meeting called to order at 6:43. In attendance: Emily Thompson, Nancy Howe, Beth Jarvis, Tina Emery (tinaemery134@hotmail.com), Brenda Kelley, Karen Jellison, Amanda Coleman

Treasurer’s report: after failing to interpret printed reports, motion made by Karen Jellison to table treasurer’s report until more information is given. Nancy Howe second.

Ruby Tuesday’s representative, Tina Emery presented a fund raiser and explained the give backs (20% of check) for three consecutive days of our choice. 20% of the proceeds go directly to Dedham School. Set up a date for first week in May.

Minutes from last meeting approved, other than missing attendance.

Beach boys summer concert parking (June 22) meeting set for May. Volunteers will be scheduled into a time frame and notified.

Teacher requests for funds:

Roger $159.00 for new drill. Emily moved to approve. Amanda second.

Mrs. Bailey – improvements to computer lab. A large monitor is needed to improve delivery of lesson plans. $300.00 – $400.00. Nancy moved to cover all costs up to $450.00 for monitor and mount. Karen Jellison second.

Emily Thompson requested $25.00 gift card to Wal-­‐Mart.

Bagels and books update: Tomorrow community readers arriving at 8:00 for muffins and coffee and juice before reading to classrooms. Amanda Coleman volunteered to get the breakfast nosh.

Movie night: discussed possibilities. Fall may be more appropriate time. Logistics still a challenge, as well as bugs.

Faculty members excused from meeting to discuss staff appreciation: Staff appreciation week (May 7-­‐11). $600.00 Cyndi moved to approve funds for lunch and raffle baskets. Amanda second. Other ideas include: decorating doors, massages, donated products to raffle each day. Amanda will contact room parents.

Beth Jarvis – Monday

Tuesday – –school board –student council door decorating?

Wednesday -­‐ PTF Ruby Tuesday Thursday -­‐ Emily and Nancy

Friday – breakfast items from parents

*advisory groups to decorate doors
*raffle stuff – baskets one each day, and other items as well, – a poster that shows each basket.
Chikadee, Lucerne Inn, Dunkin’ Donuts, Subway, teacher supplies basket, lunch bags, thermos, fun n sun basket, Texas Roadhouse, Beach Club pass.. .

Workshop meeting date scheduled for Wednesday, April 25 at 6:30 at Dedham School. Parents interested in helping please come.

Cyndi moved to adjourn 7:45.  Amanda second.