March 6, 2012

Meeting called to order at 6:35.  

In attendance: Amanda Coleman, Cyndi Kuhn, Kathy Bailey, Kathy Lawson, Tom Christie, Nancy Howe, Emily Thompson, Christy Davis

Treasurer’s report: Savings - $1,789.53  Checking - $6,566.92  Total - $8,356.45

Budget:  Report prepared by Christy Davis shows an itemized spreadsheet of expenditures and funds raised by PTF.

Previous minutes updated to reflect accurate balances as of 2/7.  Then approved.

Teacher fund requests:

Mrs. Laferte  -  35.00 for toothboxes

Mrs. Nickerson - 344.95 for reading carpet. Emily Thompson moved to approved full amount for carpet. Second by Nancy.

Mr. Harris – Microphones (Mr. Christie).  – requests funds for 2 microphones costing 129.00 each and 2 stage condenser mikes costing 199.00 each. Approximately 660.00 is being requested. (Borrowing some equipment from Brewer for this year in addition) Motion to approve funds in full amount, Emily moved, Amanda second.

Sunday family zumba all set for Sunday, March 11. Volunteer needed to work the door as well as open the school.  Tom volunteered to open the school and lock up afterward. Volunteer needed to work the door.

Book Fair - Amy Call needs assistance making calls for community readers for Wed. April 4. Additional names were listed. Teachers will be asked to offer suggestions for book selections. Teachers will be asked to contact a community reader and make book selection. Readers will be invited to be here at 8. PTF will provide bagels and coffee.

Beach Boys concert June 22.  We have been invited to park cars at Shaw’s. Volunteers needed to commit to a time slot. Those interested in participating for a shift need to contact Amanda Coleman or Kellie Bowden.

Nancy requested an apprentice for square 1 for 2012-2013. Cyndi Kuhn volunteered.

Meeting adjourned 7:00. Amanda moved. Cyndi second