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Welcome - we invite you to look around and get a feel for our church.  If you're not currently a member of a church or traveling and away from your home church - we'd like to take this opportunity to invite you to our Sunday Services or Weekday gatherings.
9:30 a.m.- Sunday School for Adults and youth
10:30 a.m.- Worship service and Children's Church
6:00 p.m- Youth Group for Senior High and Junior High at Walker Christian Church

6:30- "5 Loaves" is the last Thursday of the month. 

6:00 p.m - "610"  Friday night gathering for High Schoolers at Jared and Anna's

We hope you and your family will have a warm and spirit-filled experience with us as we worship and fellowship together.
Many blessings to you
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The mission of Dederick Christian Church is to glorify God by continuing in the ministry of the risen Christ by displaying God’s saving love for the world through our renewed lives.

Who we are
- A Christians Church
Dederick Christian Church is a non-denominational Christian Church.  We are Christians, we claim no other name nor denomination.
- A Bible Church
The Bible is our standard of Faith and practice.  It is the final authority in our teaching and guide to holy Living.
- Christ's Church
It is our daily aim as members of the body of Christ to conform ourselves to the image of our Lord. He is our king, master, Lord, and Savior.
A Caring Church
We desire to shine Christ's light in a dark and broken world.  We accept the rejected, touch the untouchable, and love the unloveable.  We believe there is no color, class, cast, or creed that is outside the reach of God's transforming love.     
- A transforming Church
Our commission is to preach the transforming gospel to all the world.  As a body of believers we never stop being transformed by the words of Christ.  We desire daily to be transformed from sinners to saints.