Keynote Help

Group Members Names:

 Sign up for 1 - 2 topics below. Look at the length of the videos when dividing up duties in your group.
Watch the video and practice as you watch.
Now it is time to teach your group members how to do the skill.
 Changing the background color of a slide. (gradient fill, color fill, advanced gradient fill)
 Add Music Sounds to Keynote
 Using Magic Move Animation
Add Text Box (begin at 1:50)
 Add shapes (begin at 2:29)
 Add table (begin at 3:54)
 Add a Shape or Picture and create a link to another page or a web page
 Playing Music throughout your whole slide show
The settings tab that he refers to in the video is actually our documents tab.
 Correctly Gathering Images/Pictures 
Getting pictures and iClip Art that is non-copyright. (Click Here for AEA Link) (Click Here for Video)
Getting pictures from Google (Click Here for Video)
Another Video by Mrs. Lee explaining how to get a picture from Google, put pictures into iMovie and a quick refresher on how to use the Green Screen (Click Here for Video)
 If you finish early, take time to watch the Keynote basic video and make a list of items you didn't know. 

Full Tutorials to Try: