Hr 1: Announcements: TV Broadcast/Keynote

Announcement Preparing
If you need help with Keynote you can go to Mrs. Lee's help web site: Keynote Help

Items to Know
  1. It doesn't matter how many slides you have. You just need to have enough to get the information for your day presented.
  2. You should have pictures on every slide.
  3. You do not need to have slides about the next day's sporting events, however you should do up coming concerts.
  4. The date should be on the 1st slide. "Announcements brought to you by" should be the last slide. The rest of the slides do not have to be in a certain order.
  5. You need to include the lunch menu for your day and the next.
  6. Leave ALL the weather slides in. 

________1)  Look on the schedule to see when you have announcements? (Click Here)

________2) Make a folder for all of your announcement materials (Keynote file, pictures). Make sure you have a 7th grade folder and a computer folder to put it in. 
(If you need help making folders you should watch this video. ) 

________3) Download the starter Keynote: ..Click Here to begin download of Keynote

______________ 4) Move the downloaded document from your download folder to your Computer Folder. Go to finder to find the document in "Downloads" and then drag it to Documents and your folder that you were supposed to have made in step 2. 

______________ 5)  Open up the Keynote document. (There will be extra slides in this document that I put there to let you use. You can delete any that you don't need when you are finishing up your Keynote.)

________6) Go to "File" and "Rename" it with the date you are assigned. (Example..........1/5/2020)

 Remember to follow these guidelines for preparing slides:
Color Assignment for Slides

Boys Athletics: Blue

Girls Athletics: Red

Purple: Office/Guidance/Academics

Orange: Clubs/Organizations

Green: Fine Arts (Music, Fine Arts, Drama, Band, Orchestra)

Yellow: Lunch

Brown: Tech Tips & Quotes

_______ 7) Put the lunch menu for your day and the next (The menu can be found on the school web site....Click Here) )   DO NOT PUT BREAKFAST ON THE SLIDE...JUST LUNCH (BOTTOM OF THE LUNCH MENU DAILY SQUARES) Anything that has a star by it is for the high school lunch NOT the middle school lunch. 

________8)  Date on the first slide & put odd or even A or B on the first slide also. (This can be found on the announcement schedule page. See step #1.

______________9) Take your picture in Photo Booth and put it on the "Brought to you by...." page
Do not take your picture with light or a window behind you.
These pictures must look professional
Do not alter your picture in Photo Booth
No goofy faces

_______ 10) Go to the schedule to see the thought for the day. (Click Here) Add this to your Keynote.

_______11) If you are on a Tuesday make sure you put in an announcement about a late start on Wednesday.

______ 12) Check your planner to see if there are any sports/concerts for the day. You could also look ahead at your week to see if there is anything coming up to include in the announcements.  (Check the sheet and also check the athletic calendar by going to the school website.)

______ 13) Check to see if there are any special days during your day (see two links below) (You can also look in Mrs. Lee's folder.)

                        National Fun Holidays

_______14) Check the five birthday lists (5th,6th,7ht,8th, faculty) to make sure we haven't forgotten any birthdays. (Get from Mrs. Lee). If you have announcements at the end of a week make sure you include the birthdays for Saturday & Sunday. (or if we have a short week make sure you include birthdays for days that we do not have school.)

______ 15) Make all writing white (except on yellow slides) 

______16) Keep a large border around the outside of each slide (the TV cuts off around the edges when it projects your Keynote) 

______17) Add Clip Art/pictures to all of your slides (See boxes for where to locate pictures). Try to find your pictures in iClipart first. You will need to have at least 4 pictures a piece on your lunch menu slides. 


Go to the Keystone AEA web site to download possible clip art (Click Here for Keystone AEA Link)

Username and password are on page 4 of your planner. (They forgot to add an "a" before the numbers)

Watch this video for help with iClipart: (use your headphones) iClip Art  (Click Here for Video)

Citing Images taken from iClipart

ICLIPART for Schools - Downloadable Royalty-free Clipart Images, Photos, Web Graphics, Animations, Sounds and Fonts by Subscription. IClipart, n.d. Web. 27 Aug. 2014.

You can get images from Google. Here is a link explaining how to get non-copyright protected materials.

 Creative Commons Search

You can get images from Google. Here is a link explaining how to get non-copyright protected materials.

 The Noun Project Web Site


 Use the Top Stock Add on in Google (Video Explaining)


Citing iClipart should have a black slide with white writing that says, "Pictures used on the announcement slides are used with permission for the school Keystone/iClipart license agreement."

__________ 18) Take a look at the grading rubrics that will be used for speaking and writing the announcements in your folder

Grading Rubric: Reading Announcements

__________ 19) When you think you are done you will need to have Ivy check over your Keynote.

__________ 20) When you have everything done show it to Mrs. Lee. If you pass you will airdrop it to Mrs. Lee (DMSPro).

   __________21) Air drop to Mrs. Lee's computer  (DMSPro) (Ivy can help with this.)

If you have a 2nd Keynote to do then you should go to File and say Duplicate. You can use this duplicated Keynote for your 2nd one. Don't forget to rename it with your new date.

Announcement Preparing.....The Day of Announcements

Do Day of Announcements (Putting Keynote and Quicktime on Flash Drive)

If you need help getting started talk to Hailey & Kairi.

  1. 1)  ________ Get the day’s announcements out of Mrs. Lee’s Google folder.  Google Folder with Announcements

  1. You can copy (command c) and paste (command v) them.

  1. 2)  ________ USING YESTERDAY'S KEYNOTE.....Move any repeated slides from yesterday’s (Keynote) announcements to your announcements.

  2. 3)  ________ Get your slides completed. Remember:

    1. Girls Athletics: Red

    2. Boys Athletics: Blue

    3. Green: Fine Arts

    4. Purple: Office/Guidance/Academics

    5. Orange: Clubs/Organizations

    6. Red and Blue for both boys and girls

  3. 4)  ________ Add clipart to any last minute slides.

  4. 5)  ________ Shorten any long winded announcements.

  5. 6)  ________ Number your slides.

  6. 7)  ________ Check to see that your margins are big on each page around the information.

  7. 8)  ________ Make the words white on all backgrounds except yellow backgrounds.

  8. 9)  ________ PROOF READ YOUR KEYNOTE! Go through this check list.

        10)________ Have our classroom editors edit your announcements. Editors:Kairi and Hailey

        11)________ Have Mrs. Lee edit your slides.

        12)________ Have our classroom Tech Experts put your announcements on the server. Server Dudes: Casey and Trae

        13) Give the next day’s announcement person your Keynote (it should be on the flash drive.)

Use these quotes....use the number that is the same as your date.

(one place you can look: Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts)

________ Type your Tech Tip and Quote on the Google Document: (Click Here)

 Not do the items below.

Pick your Fun Fact/Trivia. The links to find trivia for each day of the week are listed below. Put it on the announcement schedule page as well as your Keynote.

Thursdays: Math Trivia           Buzz Feed Math Fun Facts

Fridays:      Language Trivia

Language Trivia 2

What you should do videos.....
Watch the videos explaining this process the DAY BEFORE YOU DO ANNOUNCEMENTS!

Add a quote of the day. Mrs. Lee has the sheet. 

On This Day in HistoryLook up what happened in history for your date. 

On this day in 1801, Thomas Jefferson is elected the third president of the United States. )

Look at information for your day in the New Teacher Almanac book.(See Mrs. Lee for this.)

Take a Look at the High School's Announcements

_______Quote (You can find this on the "Announcement Schedule" document)

_______Tech Tip (You can find this on the "Announcement Schedule" document)

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