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We think aging's more enjoyable if we can find some humor in it. We talk about Geezer Stuff - retiring, downsizing, healthy living ideas & tips... We welcome suggestions. Email us here 

Hope you'll subscribe to our YouTube channel or like us on FacebookEpisodes are posted in reverse chronological order, below the featured episode.  

Featured Episode

Episodes (in reverse chronological order)

Episode 59 - Surprise Discovery!

Episode 58 - Todd's "Fun" #Cataract Surgery

Episode 57 - #CordCutting Just Got Easier

Episode 56 - #OldAge Ain't For Sissies... but...

Episode 55 - There WILL be blood! Or, maybe there won't?

Episode 54 - Rumors of our demise have been greatly exaggerated...

Episode 53 - Life is an #ADVENTURE !

Episode 52 - #Deadlines #Helicoptors and #AI - oh MY!

Episode 51 - Play it Safe! #InTheKitchen

Episode 50 - Go Fly A Kite! Yeah. Seriously.

Episode 49 - H2... Oh! #Prevention

Episode 48 - Simple Steps To Avoid Falling #PunIntentional

Episode 46 - (aka 9, Revisited) "Hey, I've got that TOO!"

Episode 45 - Sitting? It can KILL?

Episode 44 - The Secret 'O Life for Growing Old Together

Episode 43 - Updates From Your Tech Gurus

Episode 42 - Don't Pass on the PASS!

Not an Episode - just an "Extra" here. Granny Rap! (I know, right?)

Episode 41 - Pickleball, anyone?

Episode 40 - Wanna Hangout?

Episode 39 - GEEZER Review - YouTube TV

Episode 38 - OUCH! Can heels heal?

Episode 37 - The Graduation Gift That Keeps On Giving

Episode 36 - A HUMAN app! That Could SAVE Todd!

Episode 35 - Is that a TELEVISION in your pocket? YouTubeTV Geezer Preview

Episode 34 - ADVANCE is the key word, here.

Episode 33 - My Phone Can Do WHAT ?!?!?

Episode 32 - GEEZER REVIEW - T-mobile Unlimited Data

Episode 31 - 17 BILLION dollars?!?

Episode 30 - Yeah. THIS happened. (thank goodness!)

Episode 29 - Proposed Medicare Changes

Episode 28 - How to WOW your Dr. with a New Year's Resolution

Episode 27 - Todd's underwear drawer, revisited!

Episode 26 - Flashback to Ep.2 for a GREAT holiday gift idea!

Episode 25 - "My head is spinning, like a whirlpool..."

Episode 24 - "Printing up scans of prints - wait, WHAT ??"

Episode 23 - "Experienced" Drivers

Episode 22 - Geezer Review: PhotoScan app by Google

Episode 21 - "It's my fridge, and I'll..."

Episode 20 - GEEZER REVIEW: Google Maps Navigation!

Episode 19 - What advice would you give your 20-year-old self?

Episode 18 - Downsizing, made simple! With NOWsizing!

Episode 17 - Be Medicareful. Here's how to compare your options

Episode 16 - How Not To Die, we interview NY Times bestseller author, Dr. Michael Greger

Episode 15 - Audio Cassettes? Dig 'em out and digitize 'em!

Episode 14 - Final Vinyl

Episode 13 - Is That Selena Gomez with Todd?

Episode 12 - Are we helping or hurting fellow seniors?

Episode 11 - A great resource some Boomers haven't yet discovered

Episode 10 - Working After Retirement. Good idea?

Episode 9 - YES! I've Got That TOO! A Geezer Game

Episode 8 - Protecting your cat from the feline diabetes epidemic

Episode 7 - Laugh in the face of aging! (also, check its cheeks)

Episode 6 - We explore Todd's underwear drawer! And more!

Episode 5 - How to stop getting colds and the flu. Seriously.

Episode 4 - How to break your addiction to processed foods.

Episode 3 - How to set yourself up for FREE, unlimited online storage of photos!

Episode 2 - Drag out those old VHS video cassettes. Let's digitize 'em!

Episode 1 - Welcome to our show, here's our plan for it...

more about Todd & Debra...

   Resume - Debra Leigh
Debra's resume                                                
Todd's resume                                                 

Todd's episode of Parks and Recreation, Season 3 Ep. 14 "Road Trip"

Debra Leigh's headshots and voice & screen acting reels are linked below and at
Todd Michael Leigh's headshots are posted at
The screenshot above is from his work on Parks and Recreation - Season 3 Episode 14 "Road Trip" 


Debra Leigh, Rainn Wilson, Leslie David Baker, Clark Duke - scene clip

2013, clip from "Stairmaggedon" episode of NBC's The Office

Debra Leigh, 2012 national commercial

Debra Leigh, 2012 national commercial

Debra Leigh's scene from "NCIS - Los Angeles"  Episode 7.17 "An Unlocked Mind" 

2008, comedy clip from reel

2008 scene clip from comedy reel