I have been a Sussex County Bankruptcy Attorney for 30 years and I Congratulate and Welcome you to my website. I say Congratulations because you've taken the most difficult step toward relief from your financial problems.

The First Step

Let me introduce myself. My name is Dean Sutton and I have practiced bankruptcy and debt relief law in New Jersey for over 30 years. I am Board Certified and my practice is limited to bankruptcy and related matters like debt negotiation and mortgage modifications.  I try to provide my clients with excellent quality legal work at affordable prices.
Everyone in my office understands the stress of financial problems and we will treat you with respect and courtesy.

Because I am the only attorney in the firm, you will always have the benefit of my knowledge and expertise.
My clients include individuals and small businesses and I have extensive experience with Chapter 7, 11 and 13 and related areas such as mortgage modification and debt negotiation.
The Problem is Not Just Financial
The stress created by money worries is terrible.  You lose sleep and can't eat.  It hurts your health and your relationships.  You never thought you'd be in this situation.
There Is Help
As a bankruptcy lawyer in Sussex County, Morris County, Passaic County and Warren County, I have helped thousands of people throughout Northern New Jersey eliminate their debts and get a fresh start.  

I will aggressively enforce your rights and ensure that your creditors stop harassing you, stop suing you, stop garnishing your wages and stop taking money from your bank account.
Most credit card and medical debt will be wiped out.  Sometimes tax debts will be eliminated.  Some second mortgages can be removed.  Sometimes, even first mortgages can be modified.

Get Information

There is a lot of information about bankruptcy on the web.   Unfortunately, much of that information is confusing and not helpful to most normal humans.  The information you obtain on this site is not, nor is it intended to be legal advice.  This website tries to give some good information, however, I strongly believe that a personal consultation with a knowledgeable attorney is the only way to determine whether you can, and should, file a bankruptcy. What do you have to lose when the consultation is free?
Do it now. Putting this off will only mean more stress!   Call me at (973) 729-8121 for your free consultation.
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 We have been designated as a debt relief agency by an act of Congress. 
We Proudly Help People File for Bankruptcy Relief Under the Bankruptcy Code

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