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A Christian Science Monitor Article About Garden Coaches, Featuring Yours Truly

Dean Street Orchids 

A series of articles I've written for the Manhattan Orchid Society.

    Urban gardening is hot!  If you have a roof deck, balcony, backyard or front stoop, or even if you're living in a studio apartment with a single window, you can have a garden. 

    Lush foliage, fragrant flowers, fresh fruits and vegetables, bright colors and sculptural branches are not just for professionally designed gardens and giant budgets, they belong to everyone.

    If you're hungering for a garden, but not sure you want to do it all by yourself, and you don't want to hire someone else to do it all for you -- that's where a garden coach comes in.  I can help you assess your space, indoors or out; explain what plants will work (and what won't); and help you find them, plant them, and learn how to care properly for them, without unnecessary hassles.  I  help with suburban and country gardens, too!

    Would you like your home to be greener, fresher, more alive?  Is your outdoor space getting overgrown, showing bare patches, or have you recently moved to a new place and don't know what's there? Are you considering making major changes to your garden, but having trouble taking the first step?  It's never too late to start planning; if you just don't know where to begin, or you need some new ideas, let's talk!

 I specialize in container gardens, native shrubs and perennials, fragrant plants, tropicals, orchids, and indoor plants.  I like to incorporate sustainable, organic gardening practices wherever possible, and I match my style to suit the look you want your garden to have.

 My rates are affordable:  initial consultations are $90 for up to two hours, followup emails and conversations are free.  Additional hours of consulting are $45 per hour.


My bio:  I have over 20 years as an indoor and outdoor grower of houseplants, tropicals, orchids, herbs, and hardy plants.  I am a member of the Metro Hort Group, the Garden Writers Association and am a board member of the Manhattan Orchid Society.




My Contact Info:

 40 Dean St. #3B

Brooklyn, NY 11201

Email:  jim@deanstreetgardener.com

Cell Phone:  (718) 813-4903