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The Velvet Throne Archives


Which House will sit on the Velvet Throne to rule over the Kingdom of Tareesteros? 
Each guild has two levels of badges that can be earned: master and mentor. A series of tasks are set and a portfolio of work collected.

The tabs at the top of this page represent each guild.

Welcome to Taree Tafe Digital media class. For the last few months our teacher, and Mother of Dragons, Natalie Denmeade has come up with the wonderful idea to gamify our classroom giving it a competitive, and yet unified, environment.

The points, rewards, and competition between houses have given us students much to discuss and realize about ourselves, also allowing us to get through assessments and units faster and easier with the help of laughs and the idea of winning points for what the current activity has to offer.

The idea of houses, with the students creating back stories, and theories about their own characters within the houses, allows us to interact with each other and generates a more creative classroom. Throwing in guilds for each person based upon what they are most talented at allows the students to seek out help where they find they lack the skills to get through certain areas. Come with us and share the great times that we have had in our Taree digital media class using Gamification.


"The classroom gamification of a qualification in
Certificate III /IV in Digital Media aims to increase motivation and engagement
 in class activities, attendance and confidence to continue learning ."
Natalie Denmeade

"It's fun,  innovative, and helps students to recognize personal achievements"
Sarah Sherry

The cards of fate. Are you worthy to keep your chosen card? Can you provide evidence, or a witness, that you were involved in digital media activities after hours, on the night watch ?

20 different cards of fate are available. A weekly session is held to see who is worthy.