The DDHS ChimpanZoo Club
Began in 2008. It is the only high school worldwide affiliated with ChimpanZoo: Research, Education and Enrichment, a program of the Jane Goodall Institute|Global for  behavioral research of captive chimpanzees. Students are trained to record behavioral observations of the chimpanzees at the Oregon Zoo and transmit that   information to a world wide chimpanzee behavioral database.  The students derive research questions and write scientific research papers based on their data, with the hope of being highlighted by the Institute.

Wild Chimp video from Gombe coming soon!
The Chimpanzees of the Oregon Zoo

 Chloe 48

  Delilah  43

 Jackson 48

 Leah 42

ChimpanZoo: Research, Education and Enrichment
a program of the Jane Goodall Institute
Founded in 1984, ChimpanZoo is an international research program dedicated to the study of chimpanzees in zoos and other captive settings. Approximately 200 
chimpanzees are involved in ChimpanZoo, making it the largest ape research program ever undertaken. Trained by participating zoos and the Jane Goodall Institute,
students, caretakers and volunteers record behavioral observations and work with zoo keepers to improve the lives of captive chimpanzees and compare their behavior
to that of chimps in the wild.


  • To increase public awareness about the plight of chimpanzees and to increase understanding of chimpanzee behavior.
  • To assist zoos in their efforts to improve the habitats and conditions for captive chimpanzees.
  • To facilitate the exchange of information on ways to enrich the lives of captive chimpanzees

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                                      at the premier of Disney's Chimpanzee 


   The DDHS ChimpanZoo Club is proud to be affiliated with ChimpanZoo: Research, Education and Enrichment a program of the Jane Goodall Institute