David Douglas High School Student Newspaper

Recently awarded a 2018 American Scholastic Press (ASPA) First Place Award with  "Special Merit” and "Most Outstanding Newspaper" and "Best Overall Writing."

NEWS EDITORS:  Mariah Getch, Joanna Gutierrez-Franco, Nicole Freeman, and Kenny Dong.

OPINIONS EDITORS: Tommy EblenNazar PolinchukSuzy McDade, and Trinh Tieu.   


SPORTS EDITORS:  David Goncharuk and Savanna Smith 

REPORTERS:, Daejanay Darden, Sydney Darnell, Angelina Deo, Taelynn Flowers, Andrea Ginther-Morales, Christian Hernandez Segovia, Valeriya Korobka, Victoria Pevchenko, Connor Satterfield, Julia Stephen, and Se'Maj Taper 

ADVISOR: Steve Rivas

The Highlander is published monthly by the David Douglas High School Advanced Journalism class, 1001 S.E. 135th Ave., Portland OR 97233.  Email:  Steve_Rivas@ddsd40.org. Phone: 503-261-8303. The Highlander has a circulation of 2,000 and is printed at the Gresham Outlook. DDSD Superintendent: Ken Richardson.  DDHS Principal: John Bier.  Opinions expressed in The Highlander are not necessarily those of the advisor nor the district and high school administrations.  The Highlander reserves the right to withhold Letters to the Editor it deems inappropriate.

First Place: American Scholastic Press: 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998 with “Special Merit,” 1999, 2000, 2001 with “Special Merit,”  2002 with “Special Merit,”  2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 with “Special Merit,” 2007 with “Special Merit,” 2008 with “Special Merit," 2009 with "Special Merit," 2010 with "Special Merit” and "Best Sports Section," 2011 with "Special Merit,”  2012 with "Special Merit” and "Best Opinions Section,"  2013 with "Special Merit” and "Most Outstanding Newspaper," 2014 with "Special Merit” and "Most Outstanding Newspaper," 2015, 2016 with "Most Outstanding Investigative Reporting," 2017, and 2018 with "Special Merit” and "Most Outstanding Newspaper" and "Best Overall Writing."

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