Marine Sciences

Marine Sciences is a third-year science course offered at David Douglas High School.  It is a year-long course designed for you to acquire knowledge and skills from several areas of
science through the study of the oceans.  It will give you the opportunity to learn about and appreciate the oceans and their ecosystems.  The course content will be mastered through a variety of learning techniques and materials.  Upon passing both semesters of the course students will earn one credit.
 Curriculum Documents Yes....we are going through Anthropomorphic (human caused) Climate Change......

DENSITY: Salinity Map

A primer on climate change:

The Climate Change Power Point

NASA's Blog on Climate Change:

Inside Climate News:

The US Drought Monitor:

See what happens when the oceans rise: 

The top photo I took in the Blue Hole, Belize.  That is the silhouette of the dive master Isreal.  The photo to the left is off the coast of Caye Caulker, Belize where the fishermen clean the conch (for ceviche).  The rays and fish show up when they're cleaning the conch; when snorkeling here you have to keep your eyes out for the one-eyed Loggerhead Turtle named Scar... he's quite territorial!
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