The Civic Scholar Program was created by the City Club of Portland during the 2014-2015 school year.  It seeks to empower Portland students to learn about, engage in, and become more involved in their community.  Civic Scholars candidates at selected high schools in the Portland metropolitan area apply to become a "Civic Scholar".  Once selected, the students will work and discuss issues within the community, plan to discuss and take part in the City Club of Portland's Friday Forums that address current issues in our city and community.   
WHY?  Through involvement in the Civic Scholar Program, our students will see community leadership, advocacy, and government in action and be able to work on and build leadership, and advocacy skills, and become more confident members of our community.

HOW?  Each school will take part in three Friday Forum sessions during the school year.  Before each Friday Forum, Civic Scholars will research and discuss the topic and speakers that they will encounter at the Friday Forum.  Students will come up with relevant questions to pose to the speaker at the Friday Forum.  At David Douglas, we will share our research, discussion points, and potential questions on a shared Google Doc.  Following our electronic sharing/discussions, we will meet at school to finalize our thoughts, discussion points and questions.  On the day of the Friday Forum, we will meet for a Q & A session privately with the key note speaker, have lunch with other City Club members, and be able to ask our questions to the speaker(s) on the floor of the banquet room.  Following each meeting, we will post our thoughts and comments about what we learned, and what we would like to follow up on.

2016-17 Civic Scholar Info

Tentative Friday Forum Dates
December 9th
February 24th
April 7th

Sign up to be a 2016-17 Civic Scholar at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/CivicScholarsSurvey16

Learn more about the Civic Scholar Program here http://www.pdxcityclub.org/civicscholarsstudents

DDHS Civic Scholar Requirements
*Attend scheduled meetings.  Once a month, more if necessary.  (Time and Day yet to be determined) 

*Volunteer hours per semester--We could plan and participate in a day of service as a group instead of individual hours.

*Communicate about Civic Scholar Friday Forum Topics on shared Google Docs.

*Maintain good academic and attendance standing as a student at DDHS. 

*Attend Friday Forum Luncheons