First and foremost... I am so excited to start this new adventure with you and see you explore and learn new things!  You've always been a scientist, but somehow you lost that idea... I can't wait to see you remember your science brain!

Below is information on what to expect as a student in biology and Miss Barber's expectations for class!  After you have read through this information, also click through the information in the left navigation bar (and if you like, read a little more about me).  You are expected to know what to expect in class (yep, I like that word) so you're able to participate and learn.  Then, complete your first assignment: login to schoology and enroll for this class (the enrollment code is at the bottom).  You will then click on "lab safety and integrity contract".  Give just a moment, then click on your class period and enter your information (do not type over any information that is already provided).  After you've completed these tasks, please also enroll for the appropriate schoology course (if you haven't signed up for schoology yet, do so with the correct school login and enrollment information)-again, course codes are at the bottom of this page.  

Get to know this website well!  We will use it often in class for notes and activities, but I've also made it so you can access it from any smart device or computer!  So, save the web address/this site to your home computer and your smart devices!  It will help a lot!

Number one rule: Do NOT make or be a problem.  If there is a problem, try to solve it.  Don't make your problem anyone else's problem-Come to class prepared with supplies, an open mind, ready to participate, turn in anything that's due (work should be completed by the time you enter class), and be ready to learn!

ABSOLUTELY NO FOOD OR DRINKS ALLOWED!!! Water is acceptable and allowed on non-lab days.

Do NOT go behind my desk.  It is my place. You don't like people or things behind you, so... Don't ask, don't do it, and don't make it a thing.  Respect my space and my things just as I do for you.

NO CELL PHONES OR SMART WATCHES!  You are at least sophomores so you know the cell phone policy.  If you're new to the school, you became aware of the policy when you registered for school.  If you're still making excuses, you now know the school policy.  So, don't argue, don't make excuses, and don't make your cell phone a problem.  Your phone is NOT my business, so don't make it my business.  Follow the policy and we are good to go!  I follow school policy, which is: If I see your phone, I will collect it and turn it in to the attendance office.  If you've stashed your phone in the container on my desk, you are able to collect it at the end of the period, no problem!

Starting next class period, you'll need to have your cell phone off and away (school policy) and in your bag or in the container on my desk and your bags on the coat rack.  As you can see this is a pretty small classroom.  I like to take breaks during class- we all get up and move around throughout the class period and to do so we all need clear space so only certain items will be allowed at your desks.  Bags and non-essential materials are to be placed on the coat racks.  Essential items needed and allowed at your desk are a 1-1.5" binder with 5 divider tabs, pencil(s), eraser(s), and your planner (when it arrives).  ONLY these items are allowed at your desk (if you like highlighters, a calculator, ruler, and pens, as long as they can be stored in your binder, they are OK, but ask to be sure).  You will need these items starting September 10th and 11th as we will be setting up and organizing our binders and I will be doing a graded binder check (**if you are unable to attain these materials by next week, come speak to me ASAP).  Also, NO ONE is allowed to get into bags during class, so no worries: your stuff is safe!  Make sure you have out what is required for class and keep all other materials out of site and out of mind.  No, you will not be allowed back in your bag during class.  So, when planners arrive, make sure you have it with you (you will not be permitted to leave class without it and no, you won't be allowed in your bag to get it). You may not like it now, but you'll "like" it when we get up and about and do things.  If you don't want to use the coat rack, get a locker and use it instead. 

You MUST be in your seat when the bell rings as I start class when the bell rings.  If you're not in you're seat, you're not ready to learn, causing a distraction to others and causing a problem. I don't waste your time at school, so don't waste mine or your colleagues'. I don't see you much in a school year so I want to make the most of our time. If you're tardy, you'll be marked tardy and the tardy process will begin.  Do not argue, do not get angry-this IS the tardy policy for class.  

I am very diligent and update grades regularly for you!  Please, keep posted on your grades outside of class.  You need to know your progress, success, if you've missed something, or (on the rare occasion) if I have not entered your grade correctly.  Grades are NOT to be looked at during class.  I do NOT permit synergy/StudentVue access during class time and that is NOT what technology is used for in this class.  We use technology for learning purposes in here-you are ONLY to be on assigned website(s) and no other (you will be provided instruction on what website(s) may be accessed).  Accessing unauthorized websites during class will result in loss of technology use, a referral, a message to the technology administrator, contact with all of your teachers, contact with your counselor, and contact with your parents.  If you are on other sites, you are causing a problem as you're not on task (yes, looking at your grades during class is distracting you from completing work and being on task... it's a waste of time.  Do not waste time and do not cause a problem).  This classroom is a learning environment and that is what the tools are for.  Again, your grade is your responsibility and you should know what it is prior to coming to class.  On a great note-You all start with 100% A!  So, keep it that way! 

If you've checked your grade outside of class and think there's a mistake, let's chat!  Maybe you're missing work returned to you or your grade is incorrect and you know you turned something in.  I have a folder for cases like this!  I keep an orange folder for missing work in the "general biology" crate. On the left side of this folder is where you will find papers that don't have names on them (no name = no grade (I can't enter a grade if I don't know who did the work.  And, I don't do handwriting analysis.)).  On the right side of the folder you will find work that should have been returned.  If you find papers here, then you were absent when these papers were returned.  You may check this when there is time (do not let it be a distraction during class or take away from you being on task). 

I do NOT and will NOT accept late work (if there is a special circumstance you MUST communicate with me PRIOR to the due date so we may problem solve in advance.  Sometimes life happens and I completely understand.  However, if you don't communicate, I cannot help).  If you've partially completed an assignment, turn that in.  Partial credit is better than no credit (some points are better than no points).  If you have an excused absence and your assignment is turned in later than others, do not expect your assignment to be graded immediately.  Be respectful and I will grade it and enter it as soon as I am able.  If you neglected to put your name on an assignment that has already been graded, don't expect that to be graded or entered as soon as possible.  I've spent my time grading the assignments when they were due.  Part of your assignment is to put your name on it so I can give you the credit you've earned.  Be patient and it will get graded and entered.

If you have an excused absence, make sure you communicate with me so we can get you caught up ASAP!  Please do not touch anything in the crates by the door.  I will help you (but you need to ask for help in a non-distracting time... in the middle of class or just before the bell is not a good idea).  I will help you get materials you need, write out a plan if you need, and get you all set to get caught up!

To keep your grade (it is much easier to keep a grade than it is to raise it) I HIGHLY recommend studying for biology EVERY DAY!  If the day of the week ends in day, you should be studying!  Now, when I say study, that means at 10 minute intervals.  Study biology (your study guide) for 10 minutes without any distractions (NONE!  NO DISTRACTIONS!!!  No siblings, family members, phone, music, etc...  During assessments, you won't have things available, so teaching your brain will be helpful!).  At the end of the 10 minutes, take a break for a few minutes and be distracted!  If you need more time, do another10 minutes!  This works for ANY subject area and you should be doing this EVERY DAY!  NOT only on days that you have class, or the days in between class, but every day!  If you don't practice science, you won't learn it!  SO, please practice! Now, completing assignments is different.  If you need to complete and assignment, hunker down and 'er done! Then study the next day if you completed your assignment.  Again, you should be doing biology EVERY DAY!

You will rarely, if ever, get a content assignment to do only at home.  Much of what I give for assignments will be assigned during class and can be completed during class time (you WILL get PLENTY of class time).  What is not finished during class time will need to be finished outside of class time and generally due the next class period.  If you use class time to your benefit and do as asked (work as a group, independently, etc...) you should have NO trouble completing assignments during class time.  

Study guide questions are assigned daily-ish and are expected to be done on your own time (this is a regular homework task).  Each unit you will receive a blank study guide (no joke- you can ask previous students-the study guide is the test without the answers!  I take quiz questions directly from the test, so... I'm basically giving you the test in advance...).  I will only assign a few questions at a time and the quizzes will cover UP TO the number assigned.  The test will be over the entire study guide (and I always reserve the right to change, modify, add more, or delete some questions).  You are expected to use notes and activities to fill out your study guide on your own time (there may be the occasional time during class you'll get time to work on assigned questions).  Since I do want you to be successful, I expect you check your study guide with mine!  I do not collect the study guide as an assignment for points, I expect this responsibility to be yours.  On occasion I will check that you are practicing biology outside of class and check study guides.  To check your own study guide answers, I have a bright green binder at the front of the "general biology" crate.  This binder not only has a completed study guide (up to the assigned question), but it is also organized in the manner I expect your binder to be organized. KEEP YOUR BINDER ORGANIZED. If you want to check your study guide answers (or organization) you may do so after you check with me to show that you've been working on studying (during passing, before or after school, during lunch, and on sometimes during class)!  After I give you the OK you may mark your answers as correct or incorrect.  You may NOT copy my answers.  If your answer is incorrect, your new homework will be to correct mistakes and check again.  Do this every day and you can use your study guide to do the 10 minute study intervals!

Each unit I do offer extra credit, but it is EXTRA.  Credit comes before extra-Meaning, you must complete credit work before extra credit to get "more" credit.  Each unit will have different extra credit tasks worth different values and could be in a variety of modes (assignment, assessment, lab, embedded within, etc...)  However, coursework is the most valuable and that is where you should focus.  I will determine the point value and % type when given.

Each day's activities for class will be different!  I don't like to spend too many days doing notes (let's all be real... notes can be so boring!).  However, I like to discuss when we do notes-talk to each other, hear each other's ideas, tell stories, get up and talk to each other, etc... The classroom should not be quiet... we should be talking and discussing to learn!  I don't like talking at you, I like talking with you and sharing ideas!  So, I like to spend a day on notes and get the idea of what the unit is about and then do activities and readings and labs and fun things to learn about the concepts the other days of the unit!  Also, on these other activity days I LOVE to listen to music!  Don't let the music become a distraction or it will get turned off, but having something to jive to while learning is good!  Some units have more notes than others, but each unit has a mish-mash of what we will do!  MUCH of the work we do in here is partner and/or group work and you MUST work together to accomplish such work (such as this scavenger hunt activity today).  However, although you're working with others, all members MUST participate-all workers must have their handwriting on the papers given, discussions must take place, when/if there are questions, the whole group must come up together to ask.  When working with a partner or group, you may NOT talk to other groups!  There will be a lot of new things and a lot of learning taking place, so lets ALL put in the effort needed to make learning happen!  Although we do a lot of group work, there are times where your individual piece is required.  I expect you to be a person of high integrity and moral character, so I expect you to do your own work.  Do NOT copy other people's work, do your own!  And, try YOUR hardest.  Do NOT copy.  Do NOT cheat!  Copying IS cheating.  I do not accept work that is not your own and cheating has significant consequences. 

I am NOT a mind reader and I don't want to be!  Please, if you have questions, you MUST ask ME for help (there will be times when I have you ask your partner or table-mates for help first (NOT across the room or other tables though)). I cannot help you if you don't ask.  Other students are new to the information we are learning as well and I ALWAYS have the answers.  So, asking another student and you getting something incorrect is a problem.  Avoid those problems by asking me!  I love questions and LOVE to help!  Please try to ask right away so we can avoid misconceptions and confusion!  However, you may also send an email to ask (I'm very good at checking and responding to email).  Please follow appropriate email guidelines using appropriate email etiquette. You can find an example and directions on how to send emails to your teachers in the resources tab down below/at the bottom of this page.

Also new this year, I have provided an ideas box!  You may write an idea, joke, comment, suggestion, or feedback on a piece of paper and slip it in this box on my cart!  The rules are: NO COMPLAINING!  NO OPINIONS!  I teach science and will give you facts.  You should NOT care about my opinion as I do not care about yours.  YOU MUST PROVIDE YOUR NAME! Be who you are and OWN what you do and say! This box is for constructive ideas, positive thoughts, and ways we can all help each other out.  Don't write anything on there you'd regret saying to your grandparents.  Don't cause a problem.  Let's be constructive, positive, helpful, responsible, and respectful!  Suggestions and ideas are ways to get your point across in a meaningful way without complaining and having a bad attitude.

Lastly, If you want to meet with Miss Barber for some extra help, to chit chat, or just hang out, you are MORE than welcome!  I'd LOVE that!  I'm available most days before or after school (except Fridays after school) and available most early and late lunches.  However, if you schedule a time with me that would be best (this way we can make sure that I am available to you!).

Remember: Everything you do in life is made by a decision.  Most is by your choice.  Make good choices and decisions and think about your success!  It is your choice!

Below are the codes you'll need to enroll in google classroom and schoology. 

Chromebook Login
Username: ######@stu.ddsd40.org (user email)
password: MMDDYYYY (your entire birthday)

Enroll/login information for all platforms we will use
Username: ######@stu.ddsd40.org (student email)
Password: MMDDYYYY (your birthday)

Google Classroom
classroom.google.com (on the chromebooks it's a little chalkboard at the bottom)
Class name: Biology Barber
class code: rebogg1

Class Name                               Access Code
Biology-Barber: Period 1        NG58P-CV9JS
Biology-Barber: Period 2        9WR6H-H2PBR
Biology-Barber: Period 4        CQNW5-2WW9P
Biology-Barber: Period 5        Q97H5-X7PW6
Biology-Barber: Period 6        GPPKT-MQFJ5
Biology-Barber: Period 8        NGWTX-TGHGQ

Class                                  ID                        Enrollment Key