About Our Class

Math News from Mrs. Perez …

along with Mrs. Sanders (Period 5/6)!

We are excited to tell you a little bit about your child’s math class. Sections 1 is taught by Mrs. Perez, Section 5/6 is Co-taught with Mrs. Perez and Mrs. Sanders.

Things that will help your child be successful in class: 1. A Positive Attitude! We an believe every child can learn and will do our very best to help your child be successful. If they have an "I can.." attitude, that will make a huge difference! 2. A Growth-mindset...meaning students are willing to believe that they CAN learn and that even making mistakes helps their brains grow! 3. Have a good work ethic. Working hard at math can have a profound impact on their success this year...and beyond! 4. Be Cooperative...this just makes for a positive, peaceful, workable atmosphere.

1) We'd like a folder and a spiral to help keep everyone organized.

2) We prefer students to use a pencil for math class.

3) There will be a lot of class discussion. We expect all students to participate and be active in their learning. Much of the work will be done in class, however your student may have a few problems that they will need to finish each night for homework. We also encourage students to practice their math facts until all facts are memorized! Homework is always due the following day! Students may stay in for lunch or after school for extra help (just let me know ahead of time to make sure I will be available).

4) Grading scale is:

A+ 99-100%

A 98 – 93%

A- 92 – 90%

B+ 89 – 87%

B 86 – 83%

B- 82 – 80%

C+ 79 – 77%

C 76– 73%

C- 72 – 70%

D+ 69 – 67%

D 66 – 63%

D- 62 – 60%

F 59% and below

5) Students will be writing in their planners so be sure to check with your child for their daily work. You may also write notes to us in the planner and we can use that as a form of communication.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact one of us. We are very excited about this school year! Here’s looking forward to a great year with much growth in math!

Barb Perez Corinne Sanders

262-233-6509 262-233-6512

bperez@ddschools.org csandes@ddschools.org

Science News from Mrs. Perez …

Science class will be a time of exploring. We are using a relatively new curriculum resource called IQWST. Students are expected to explore a phenomenon and then begin to make claims about it. It is different from traditional curriculum where the teacher helps the students learn information and then they do something with that information. In IQWST students become investigative scientists and "discover" scientific principles together. It is my first year with this curriculum and I am excited to see how well the students become scientific thinkers!