Quaver has another gift for you! Enjoy 100 more notes to spend as you like at Quaver's Marvelous World of Music! 
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  2. On the Log In window, click the “Click Here!” button next to “Have a special Quaver Code?”
  3. Then enter the Quaver Code (Back2School) and click the “Enter” button
Here's my new favorite song. from Zootopia!

If you are looking for something fun to do on a rainy day - check out the Chrome Music Lab 

YES I CAN! - Here's some super athletes proving that YES THEY CAN!!

And in case you missed the Spring Sing. Here's a video of the Wileman School performance on May 5th. Great job, my friends! 

Here's the DArien Spring Sing - Awesome performances by all!

Here's something just for 3rd graders. Yup, you guessed it... 

Did you post summer vacation pictures with your quarter sized Quaver? - Quavers facebook page 

Would you like to tune a guitar??? Here's where you go to find the right pitches. how to tune a guitar

THIS JUST IN! A wonderful video that helps us understand how very necessary and VALUABLE music education is! How playing an instrument benefits your brain - and remember that singers play their own vocal instrument every time they sing. 

Just for laughs - check out these cute critters funny animals playing instruments!

And here's a little Katy Perry to cheer you up. need to smile?

We've been discussing STEADY BEAT during our K, 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade classes. Check out these creatures keeping the beat. snowball  

And here's a cute little video you might enjoy     Love is an open door 

Who has a little brother? You might really enjoy this

There is NO END to the creative ideas out there. Kids go ahead and try this at home....carrot clarinet.

And here's some examples of the littlest ones showing off what they can do. 

 And don't miss
Quaver's Marvelous World of Music! Click here to learn more. Quavers Marvelous World of Music   
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Mrs. Berg
Music Teacher at Wileman and Darien Schools