OH BOY - it sure feels like Winter now! Watch our Winter Sing!!!

Winter Sing at the High School

December 19, 2017 @ 5:00 pm - 7:30 pm
Delavan Darien High School Auditorium

The Turtle Creek Elementary Winter Sing was a big hit. Students excitedly prepared and made sure their parents were there for this exciting night. What a great turnout! Our high school auditorium was filled to overflowing three times over as each grade level strutted their stuff. First graders began the evening dressed as Christmas trees bringing us the adorable tale of "The littlest Christmas tree". Second graders sang "Carols old and new" featuring traditional carols alongside newer rock versions. And third graders raised the roof with " Jingle bell jukebox". The brand new third grade honor choir closed the evening with "Coming up Christmastime" and led their classmates in the classic "White Christmas." Mrs. Berg was so proud of her student's performance as they lit up the stage with the genuine joy of singing! 

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Mrs. Berg
Music Teacher at Turtle Creek Elementary School



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