Good luck to all my amazing 5th graders. You are 5th graders NO LONGER. You are already being missed.   

Something NEW I just found today. If you are a string player you will find it especially fun!
Amazing strings  And here's a little Katy Perry to cheer you up. need to smile?

And here's a couple of cute little videos you might enjoy  doggie playing piano   Love is an open door 

And here's something new! Check out my SYMBALOO! I wanted to spell it CYMBALOO (cause that's how you spell the "cymbals" we play in music class). If you are in Mrs. Theobald's class, this will look very familiar. Mine is a collection of musical links and sites, of course, which I hope you will enjoy. 

Please note that NOW you can enjoy all these you tube links I have for you right here on the left sidebar - right on your chromebooks. Please put on your headphones and enjoy!

Here's a great video Mr Farmer found for us. Homemade instruments 
And here's one to remember him by. Just for you Mr. Farmer

Who has a little brother???? You might really enjoy this!   dancing brother  Baseball fans??? This one's for YOU!    Shake it off!  There is NO END to the creative ways you can make music. Kids, go ahead and try this at home...carrot clarinet.

And here's some examples of the littlest ones showing off what they can do. Elvis in the car  And here's that hilarious one from last yearDANCING TWIN BABIES

And, for all you FROZEN FANS, here's a funny clip from a talented guy who can imitate LOTS of voices you might recognize. Enjoy...LET IT GO! Here's a Karaoke version in a singable key for you to enjoy.
 Let it Go - Karaoke  And of course, the original. LET IT GO

We've been discussing STEADY BEAT during out K, 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade classes. Check out these creatures keeping the beat. HILARIOUS! snowball    Ronan the sea lion   Ostrich drops the beat

And here's a THREE YEAR OLD violinist you won't believe - amazing

How about a FOUR YEAR OLD singer - check this out! Somewhere out There  
And here's something else especially for my farm loving friends - farm it maybe 

If you are a 3rd, 4th or 5th grader... don't miss
Quaver's Marvelous World of Music! Click here to learn more. Quavers Marvelous World of Music   And then check it out at the top of the sidebar on the left. 
So many more things to check out on that left sidebar - just click away and have fun! On the bottom you will see one of my new favorites - the Four Squeeze Ins!

Mrs. Berg
Music Teacher at Wileman and Darien Schools