My System


Intel Core2Quad Q6600 @ 3.2Ghz
XFX 780i Triple-SLI motherboard
4x 2GB OCZ 800Mhz DDR2
GeForce 8800GTS
GeForce 6600GT
3Ware Escalade 9650SE-16ML Raid Controller
3x MTRON MSD-6000 Solid State Drives
2x 74GB Raptors 10K Hard Drives
12x 750GB Seagate Hard Drives
Auzentech X-Plosion 7.1
Seasonic M12 700W
Logitech G15
Razor Copperhead
Sharp Aquos 42" (1920x1080)
Viewsonic VP2130b 22" (1600x1200)
Sharp XR-20X Projector 120" (1024x768)
Vista X64 Ultimate


At one point I had many computers. One for gaming, one for work, one as a server, and one for the home theater. In addition to being a lot of work keeping them updated, they sucked quite a bit of power. I decided to build one "super system" that would do all the things I wanted. This is the current state of it's growth.

I'm a fan of quiet computing. Unfortunately, specs like this are hard to keep quiet. This system draws between 300 and 500 watts, and the SATA cables alone are a real rats nest. I spent months thinking about the best way to keep all the components cool while making as little noise as possible. What I came up with was a "chimney" case, where air came in the bottom, was driven up as it heated, and was exhausted out the top. Since vertical space wasn't really an issue, and I wanted room to expand, I chose to make the case 7 feet tall.

A friend of mine, Mark Wright, agreed to build the case to my spec out of Douglas Fir which (once stained) will match the rest of my furniture. It includes baffles top and bottom to contain the noise, and excellent trim work. The craftsmanship is excellent. Thanks Mark!


These pictures were taken under very poor light and haven't really been touched up.