Payroll - General Information & Phone numbers

                                   DDSD Payroll staff:
        Kathryn Barnhart - for Administrative, Licensed and Substitute Teachers - ext. 8218    (503-261-8218)
        AnnMarie Rears - for Classified staff (Regular, Temporary or Substitute) - ext. 8248    (503-261-8248)
        Angela Miller - for Bus Driver staff and Classified Hourly - ext. 8256    (503-261-8256)
All staff at David Douglas School District are paid once a month.  End of the month paychecks are issued to administration, licensed and salaried classified employees.  The 15th of the month paychecks are issued to classified hourly and all substitute employees (sub teachers, sub cooks, sub custodians) - based on the number of hours worked in the previous month.  
Need Someone Else in the Business Office ? ..... Check the Who To Call For What in the Business Office  at the bottom of this page !!!
Direct Deposit -
All employees are encouraged to sign up for direct deposit for their paychecks.  It is more convenient and safer for the employees, but also less costly for the district than processing live paper paychecks.  Have you ever washed your paycheck?  Did your paycheck fly out the window of your car on the way to the bank?  Did your paycheck get lost in the mail?  Payroll has heard each of these and many more stories from several employees as to why they need their paycheck reissued.  Reissuing a paycheck is time consuming.  The employee is responsible for the $20 bank charge, but the district will waive the fee if the employee signs up for direct deposit at the time the check is reissued.  If a paycheck is lost in the mail, there is a 10 business day waiting period before a replacement check will be reissued.  
Be sure you update your address with Human Resources.
Mileage Reimbursement - 
 A downloadable and fillable form is attached at the bottom of this page. Complete form and submit by the first of the month to your supervisor for approval.  Payroll must receive the form NO LATER THAN a week prior to your next pay date.  Attach any necessary documentation and keep a copy for your own records! Mileage reimbursement rates generally change once a year.
Paystubs -
Employees are reminded to keep their pay stubs in a safe place, so it is available when you need it for proof of income or current employment status. The payroll department staff try to answer all requests for Verification of Employment within two days.
Paycheck Decoder -
Have you ever wondered what those numbers and letters mean on your pay check stub?  Check out the attachment below to see many of the common abbreviations for earnings, deductions and contributions found on your pay check stub. Please note that leave taken and balances are always based on the end of the PRIOR month, as leave information comes to payroll at the end of each working month.
SmartFindExpress - is the NEW licensed substitute (ALL teachers and EI-ECSE classified) and absence reporting system can be accessed via
                      Phone at:  1-866-292-7870  or the local number 503-614-1691
                      or the Web Site = 
All licensed staff should have received a Welcome email from NWRESD with your personal User ID and Pin.  You are required to follow the instructions and phone in to activate your account and reset your password  BEFORE you can use the system.
Have questions ?????  regarding   SmartFindExpress... call the Help Desk @ 503-614-1273.
W2's -
W2's for your yearly income are mailed by January 31st of each year.  For active employees they are delivered to the building or school - just like paychecks are distributed.  Anyone who is not currently working, employed as a substitute, on leave or terminated - the W2's are mailed by January 31st. Please make sure you have updated your address with Human Resources before December 31st to insure your W2 will have the correct address if it is to be mailed to you. 
W4's -
Your current tax withholding status is noted at the top right corner of your paycheck stub.  To change your tax withholding status you need to fill out a new W4 - which is attached to this web page.  Make sure you fill out the entire bottom portion of the front page.  Then you can hand deliver or pony it to payroll.  We need it delivered to payroll a week and a day before payday to guarantee it on your next paycheck.  We do not provide tax advice - we can only tell you what you have.  For expert advice you need to see a tax preparer or finanacial consultant. 
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