Five Dollar Project

Since 1991 the David Douglas Educational Foundation has been working hard to provide teacher grants and student scholarships, helping to make a visible difference for David Douglas teachers and students.   Because needs continue to increase every year, the foundation is reaching out to David Douglas employees for on-going support, support that will allow even more teachers and students to benefit for years to come.  With all of us working together, even the small donations add up to a big deal for the kids and teachers of David Douglas.  50% of the money goes to the Needy Kids Fund and 50% goes to special grants.
To make the giving even easier - all you need to do is print out the attached form and send it to payroll (via the pony or hand carry-we have to have an original signed form for payroll deductions).  Your deduction is tax deductible and will be included as part of your charitable deductions on your W2.   
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Jane Whitehead,
Aug 19, 2013, 8:37 AM