Cancel a voluntary deduction

If you want to cancel a voluntary deduction such as classified OSEA Union dues, AFLAC, Central United Life, Colonial Life, United Way,  etc. the form you use is attached below.  Print out a copy, fill in the blanks, sign it and send it via the pony or hand deliver to payroll. 
If you are changing your health care coverage you need to speak to Human Resources before cancelling a pretax medical coverage payment.  There are several details they will need to know before you can cancel coverage tied to a deduction. 
Rember payroll has to have the signed form a week and a day before payday to cancel the deduction on your next paycheck. 
If you need to turn off direct deposit, please call payroll before sending in the form, ext 8218 or 8217.  We want to make sure your direct deposit information is as up to date as possible. 
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Mar 24, 2008, 3:36 PM