DDHSpages is the central landing spot for all PACE A and B students at David Douglas High School.  We have added the feature of e-mail for our students this year.  Students can communicate with their teachers and vice versa.

Click on your teachers link to find the necessary information to complete your course work.

Username = last name + first name + last two digits of your ID # (Example: smithjohn51)
Password = Your 6 digit ID number

Old DDHS Pages Sign in
If you created an account between 2008-2010, it may be in the "Old DDHS Pages Sign In, which was a pilot project".  These accounts have been phased out, but any files you created in them still exist.  To access this account click on the link on the bottom left.
Username = Graduation year + last name + first name (Example: 11smithjohn)
Password = Your 6 digit ID number
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