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After School Activities



Meets every day of the week:

ð    Dinner Club:    Monday-Thursday (Library Lobby)

SUN offers a meal every day SUN is in session to SUN students.  If you are a credit retrieval student or participating in Scots Center tutoring you are able to receive a dinner under SUN.  

ð    Ell Tutoring: Monday-Thursday (Room 123)

Need help with your school work or with a class project?  Come get some extra help with schoolwork with the ESL department at David Douglas High School.  This is open to all students who have an ESL class and would like some extra help with their studies.

ð  Scots Center:  Monday-Thursday (Room 122)

Teachers are available until 4:30 to help students with subjects like Math and English.



Meets twice a week: 

ð    Break-dance Club:  Mondays and Wednesdays (South Dance Room)

Learn the essentials to become a B-Boy or B-Girl. From top rockin and drops, to floor rocks and freezes, experienced breakers will teach participants the foundation of the dance.  Come dance with your friends!

ð     My Voice Music:  Mondays and Thursdays (Room 173)

Create hip-hop beats, lyrics and music in order write and record original music. Students learn skills such as rhythm, tempo, arranging, and recording.  All computers and software provided for you to use during the sessions.  By the end of a multi-week session, students will have a CD of their recorded music.  Space is limited.

ð   Garden Project:  Mondays and Wednesdays (South Cafeteria Courtyard)

Help develop the brand new garden at David Douglas! We're looking for students who would like to participate in planning, building, and maintaining the new garden. The fruits of our labor will go to the students and volunteers who help and also to the families who attend our on-campus Food Pantry. This is your chance to learn how to grow food and help your community at the same time!

ð   Yoga: Tuesdays and Thursdays (Room 181)

Street Yoga, a local Yoga instruction non-profit will teach you the basics of this popular exercise.  From breathing, stretching, to releasing stress, this class will give you a chance to experience the benefits of practicing Yoga. 


 Meets once a week

ð    4-H Health Science Club:  Mondays (S-9)

4-H is an after school mentoring program focused on health sciences. This program uses a combination of lab, field and service learning opportunities to help raise youth awareness of health related careers. 4-H also provides campus tours, job shadows, and internships.

ð  Color Guard:  Mondays (South Gym Upper Balcony)

Think you’ve got what it takes to be part of the Scot’s Guard? This is your chance to show off DDHS pride and make new friends! For those of you that love to perform, now’s the time to show your stuff!

ð  Anime Club:  Mondays (Room 219) 

Who would win, Superman or Goku?  Discuss it, read comics, and watch anime with likeminded peers.

ð    Latino Club:  Tuesdays (Room 153)  

Become more active in your community by getting involved in the Latino community, taking a leadership role, and promoting cultural awareness at DDHS. 

   ð    Sewing Club: Tuesdays (Room 183)

This is a great opportunity for you to learn a lifelong skill.  Learn how to sew with Mrs. Feytser-a master seamstress!

ð    Gay Straight Alliance: Tuesdays (Room 314)

This diverse group works to create a safe school environment for all students, builds bridges across differences, and celebrates individuality.  All are welcome!

ð    Begin with a Drawing:  Tuesdays (Room 222)  

All creative expressions and works of art begin with an idea and a sketch. This is a process class where students at any level, who like to draw regardless of subject/style, will take their work to another level.  Besides working in 2D they will explore other dimensional forms- sculpture, floating paint, glass fusing, pen & ink, colored pencil/marker

ð    Asian Pacific Islander Club: Wednesdays (Room 175)

API Club will explore cultural preservation, engage in community service, and explore paths to college and careers.

ð Trading Card Club: Wednesdays (Room 181)

Get together with like-minded friends and spend time showing off your collection of cards.

ð    Black Student Union:  Wednesdays (Room 173)

This club will celebrate the Diverse Black Culture through service, education, and empowerment.  Come get involved! 

ð    IRCO Tutoring: Wednesdays (Room 172)

Come get help with your school work with Gudeta Wok-Woya from IRCO and his staff in a relaxed environment every Wednesday. 

ð    Rocket Team: Thursdays (Room 110) Work on a team to design, test, and launch your own rocket.   Compete with in the Team America Rocketry Challenge (TARC) to create the most efficient, accurate, and precise rocket in the country. 

ð  REAP: Thursdays (Room 172)  Works to engage and empower students, families, and community for a better future now.  REAP elevates student voice to converse with business, community and political leaders, teaches the importance of health and wellness, and develops innovation toward entrepreneurship.                                   

ð  Philosophy Club: Wednesdays (Room 109) Meet with Mr. Worthington to ponder the tough questions about life and truth.

ð    Robotics team: Wednesdays (Room 217) You don't need any prior experience building robots.  Come join the fun and help make a robot for this year’s competition.

ð    Beginning Guitar: Thursdays (Room 183) Learn the basics of playing the guitar today. We’ll learn to play songs and teach you how to learn your favorite songs, too. All students will be provided with a guitar for the length of the class.  This class is limited to 10 students so sign up quickly before it fills!

ð    Science Club: Wednesdays (Room S-1) The Science club is a half year long club that prepares students to participate in the Science bowl in early February.  There will also be some fun experiments that we will do in the beginning of the year.

ð    Cheetah Conservation Foundation: (TBA) Students will learn about cheetah status, conservation efforts, and what we can do here to help cheetah populations abroad.  This group will work with the founder of Cheetah Conservation Foundation, to do vocalization studies here at the zoo and send to Namibia, Africa as well as do fundraisers to support the Cheetah Conservation Foundation.  

ð    Bowling Club: Tuesdays (TBA) Strikes and spares!  Come roll with other bowlers at DDHS.   Have a good time learning a great sport and meet new friends!

ð    Chimpanzoo Club: (TBA) The only high school worldwide involved through the Jane Goodall Institute. Students record behavioral observations of chimpanzees at the Oregon Zoo and transmit information to a worldwide chimpanzee behavioral database.  The students write scientific research papers based on their data, with the hope of being published by the Institute.

ð    Key Club: (1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the Month (Room S-11) This club meets bimonthly to promote volunteering in their community.  Come get involved and make a difference!

To sign up for activities, print and complete the registration form below, and return to the SUN Room (121).  
Emily Bertram,
Oct 22, 2013, 10:45 AM