Professional Growth Opportunities

Applying for Professional Development Funds

The DDHS Site Team’s purpose is to advance the school’s literacy goal(s) as stated in the School Improvement Plan through improved student learning and classroom instruction.  Funds may be available for staff members who are helping implement these goals. 

To apply for funding, submit this form found at the bottom of this page to your division chair.  They will present your application at the next division chair meeting for a vote.  Those who receive funds should expect to provide a follow-up report after using the funds.

Procedure for applying for and receiving professional development funds:

1. Immediately send a requisition over to the district office to the attention of Mindy Seher/Purchasing.  Download and print out a purchase requisition pdf file and please include the following:

a. Name of vendor hosting workshop/conference

b. Cost of workshop

c. Professional Growth budget number (01224018000314)

d. Who is attending workshop

e. Date(s) of workshop

Be sure to attach a completed registration form for the workshop/conference to the requisition. If your conference has options for lunch, classes, etc. please be sure to submit your choices.

2. The purchasing department will prepare a purchase order to register you for the workshop and then will register you. Once the registration is complete you will receive an email from the purchasing agent confirming your registration. DO NOT register and pay for the workshop/conference yourself.  Reimbursement will not be given without district approval.

Remember that the process to register you can take 7-10 days so be prompt in sending your registration information to the purchasing agent.

3. Once you receive confirmation of your registration, attend your workshop.

4. Upon completion of your conference please send proof of attendance over to Sheri Schulze in the business office.

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