High School Site Council Bylaws


  1. Name
    1. The name of the committee shall be  David Douglas High School Site Team.


  1. Purpose of the Site Council
    1. Leadership in the development, refinement, and implementation of the School Improvement Plan.   
      1. The site team cooperates with the Department Chairs, Teachers on Special Assignment, School Improvement Coordinator and principal to develop the school improvement plan.
      2. Site team supports these groups by collating and organizing the school improvement plan and disbursing of Professional Growth Funds, according to the School Improvement Goals.
      3. Department Chairs are responsible for implementing school improvements within their department through department S.M.A.R.T. goals.
      4. Teachers on Special assignments and the School Improvement Coordinators are responsible for developing staff wide improvements during early release times.
    2. Leadership and direction of grants and other school-wide projects as appropriate.


  1. Members of the Site Council
    1. Composition
      1. The site council will consist of 3 parents, 3 teachers (with a variety of areas represented), one classified, and the principal.  So, I am wondering is the by-laws should address what happens if we don't have representative from a group, such as, parents (which is where we have issues).  Also, should the by-laws address TOSAs who attend or invited or volunteer guests?  For instance, I'm taking on the role of Secretary, but I'm not a voting member as an invited guest.  To me, there is a concern that TOSAs are over-represented through an implied requirement/duty that goes along with their job.  This doesn't exactly encourage participation from other Council members. -Maureen Utz 9/28/09 10:07 AM " I agree with Maureen-  the role of TOSAs need to be defined. -Mariah Morrow 6/6/10 3:29 PM The site council will consist of 8 parents(How about 8 parents/community members ? -Bill Blevins 8/31/10 9:24 PM , 8 teachers (with a variety of areas represented), one classified, and the principal.  Can we change this language?  If we only have two parents currently then how are we still operating when this document mandates we have 8?  Should it say the site council will consist of 8 teachers and up to 8 parents?  Something to that nature. -Josh Dill 6/3/10 8:12 AM  I agree.  I also think that student participation ( even a few meetings per year) is critical for success. -Mariah Morrow 6/6/10 3:32 PM 
    2. Terms
      1. Parent terms will consist of 4, two year terms, and 4 one year terms with at least one parent remaining on the council each year to assure continuity from year to year and to offer the option of serving for one year. Teacher terms will consist of four, two-year terms with 4 teachers remaining on the site council each year.
    3. Election Procedures
      1. Parents, teachers, and the classified employee will be elected by their respective peers. Nominations will be accepted in March/April with final voting in May. 
      2. Elections will be completed by June for the following year’s council so all elected members can attend the June meeting.
      3. In the case that only enough candidates are nominated for the available positions, they will automatically be elected to the position.
    4. Meetings
      1. The site council will meet on a regular, ongoing basis. Meeting times will be determined each year, meetings will be advertised to parents and staff and will be open to anyone wishing to attend. Professional growth funds may be used to support release time as necessary. The council will determine this when the budget is established.  This isn't exactly clear.  Is this referring to release time for Council members only?  Is it for special projects?   -Maureen Utz 9/28/09 10:14 AM The secretary will distribute copies of the minutes to site-council members for approval. Once the minutes are approved by a 2/3 majority of the council, the minutes will be distributed to staff and parents via e-mail. website posting?  I think that all the ST business should be posted on an official ST website.  We don't have one, do we? -Mariah Morrow 6/6/10 3:34 PM 
    5. Voting Rights
      1. Each elected member of the council shall have 1 vote. The vote of the chair, however, is to be voiced only in the event of a tie.
      2. The district representative and principal are non-voting members.
    6. Vacancies
      1. A vacancy of any membership position may be filled by an election made in the same manner as provided in the original election. The elected member shall serve the remainder of the current school year and one additional year.
    7. Offices
      1. Officers shall be Chairperson, Co-Chairperson, and Treasurer. Volunteer positions will include Secretary, and webmaster/ professional development reporter Parent Communicator, Staff Communicator, and District Site Representative.
    8. Duties
      1. Chairperson
        1. Develop agenda
        2. Run meetings
        3. Distribute agenda of up-coming meeting
        4. Post agenda on site council bulletin board
        5. Collect funding requests Is this being done by the treasurer? -Bill Blevins 6/1/10 9:10 PM 
      2. Co-Chairperson
        1. Assist chairperson as needed
        2. Will be site council Chairperson the following year
      3. Secretary
        1. Record minutes during the meetings
        2. Prepare minutes to be approved at the next meeting
        3. E-mail and post minutes to staff
      4. Treasurer
        1. Maintain site council budget
        2. Report to site council regarding the budget at each meeting
        3. Manages budget and related paperwork
      5. Parent Communicator
        1. Maintain a regular column in the                             informing parents of happenings and agenda itemsThis needs to be clearly defined.  We have several opportunities - some through Dan McCue or others.  I think the parent(s) should be consulted as to how they wish to take information back to the community.  I don't think we should necessarily rely upon PTSA or other organizations. -Maureen Utz 9/28/09 10:17 AM I say we delete it. Givler  Inform parents and community through a SITE TEAM link on the main high school website (I don't see a link currently on the website) Again, all the ST business should be posted on an official website.  Of course, ST needs to find an effective way to promote the website with staff and parents. -Mariah Morrow 6/6/10 3:37 PM 
      6. Staff Communicator
        1. Receive staff development opportunities and communicate with staff
        2. Maintain a site council bulletin board I say we delete it. Givleror make it the responsibility of the co-chair. -Bill Blevins 6/1/10 8:55 PM   Bulletin Board?!  DELETE. Instead, this information should be listed on the ST website.  -Mariah Morrow 6/6/10 3:40 PM 
      7. Webmaster / Professional Development Reporting Coordinator
        1. Update the site team website. I can take on this responsibility -Bill Blevins 6/1/10 8:56 PM 
        2. Organize and list professional development feedback on the website. I believe a summary of the effectiveness of the professional development should go here.  Perhaps written by the recipients of the funds themselves -Bill Blevins 6/1/10 8:57 PM  Good Idea. -Mariah Morrow 6/6/10 3:43 PM 
        3. Schedule teachers and staff to report to site team on Professional Development experiences.
      8. District Representative
        1. Attend district site council meetings
        2. Report back to site council and staff regarding information from the district meeting
        3. Facilitate the completion of tasks from the district site council as needed
        4. I say we delete it. Givler  I think communication with the district office and other district site teams is important.  Isn't Brooke already doing this? -Mariah Morrow 6/6/10 3:44 PM 


  1. Meetings and Quorum
    1. Format
      1. Meetings shall be held twice monthly. Special meetings may be called by the chairperson if needed.Should some notation be made regarding setting norms regarding meeting  procedure and participant behavior??? -Maureen Utz 9/28/09 10:20 AM 
    2. Agenda
      1. An agenda developed by the chairperson and the principal shall be used to direct all meetings.
      2. The agenda will be distributed at least one day prior to the meeting. I believe this needs to be posted for the public as well. -Bill Blevins 6/1/10 9:00 PM  I agree.....on the ST website.  -Mariah Morrow 6/6/10 3:45 PM 
    3. Quorum
      1. A simple majority of the council shall constitute a quorum (one more than half the voting membership).
    4. Publication
      1. All meetings are open to the public, and notice of meetings shall be posted on website,  (needed?) in the                                           (School Newsletter), and in the monthly school calendar. Visitors are encouraged to participate in discussions, however, they will not have an official vote in any council decision.
    5. Minutes
      1. The secretary at each meeting shall compile minutes. Minutes will be distributed within one week to all site council members. Approved minutes shall be posted on staff e-mail, building web page, and on the site council bulletin board. Replace bulletin board with website. -Mariah Morrow 6/6/10 3:49 PM 


  1. Amendments
    1. These bylaws may be amended at any regular meeting by 2/3 vote of the membership.


  1. Decisions

Decisions pertaining to the purpose of site council as stated in these bylaws shall be made by the council. Below are the steps that the High School Site Council will follow when making decisions:

•If at all possible the issue(s) will be put on the agenda in advance.

•Agenda items will be identified as information, discussion, or


  1. Discussion of Decision Making Item

When discussing an item for which a decision is needed council members will:

  1. Decide upon the value of the decision: Is it good for the kids?  Is it something the site council should be addressing?
  1. Present needed information
  2. Ask and answer any question - Seek further information
  3. Decide upon a plan for making the decision – utilization of consensus tools to be used at either the current meeting or a future meeting.


  1. Prepared to Make a Decision

Ask for a straw vote on the item/issue

  1. If the chairperson receives a 2/3 thumbs up then the site council is ready to vote on a decision.
  2. If the chairperson receives less than a 2/3 thumbs up, the chairperson will ask how much time is needed to continue to discuss concerns related to the item/issue. If there is time in the current meeting then the discussion will continue as follows: 1 minute for each person followed by 2 minutes for clarification. If there is not time, time will be set-aside at a future meeting for more discussion.
  1. Making Decisions
  1. A voting member makes a motion.
  2. Another voting member seconds the motion
  3. The chairperson will call for a vote. All members will show Thumbs up indicating a "yes"vote and Thumbs Down for a "No" Vote. 
  4. A simple majority rules.
  5.  heir fingers indicating 5, 3, 1, finger(s) based on their decision.
    1. 5 fingers: I strongly agree with the decision and will support it 100%
    2. 3 fingers: I agree with the decision and will support it; I will not sabotage

     the decision

    1. 1 finger: I strongly disagree with the decision; I will sabotage the decision
  1. In order for each decision to have passed, the site council must reach consensus with a show of 3 or 5 fingers by all members.
  2. If the site council did not reach consensus, then the chairperson will ask the group what it would take to reach consensus. Continued discussion will happen as time allows, at either the current meeting or at a future meeting.