http://www.ddouglas.k12.or.us/files/images/hs-logo.jpgDavid Douglas High School Site Team
The Site Team has been merged with the Division Chairs and Administration Team.


As you know for the past several years we have had a Site Team committee that has functioned to help approve the Professional Growth Funds that are provided by the District.  Over the past several years interest and therefore participation in Site Team has waned.  In fact it has been a number of years since we had a Site Team election.  This past year we had four openings on Site Team.  By years end only one spot had been filled.  We also were lacking a Site Team Chairman and Vice Chairman.  Clearly it was time for a change...
Two weeks ago I asked the Division Chairs if they would be interested in fulfilling the role of Site Team for our school.  It seemed like the logical choice given that they are the folks who help decide the direction our school is heading.  This knowledge of the school goals would allow them to distribute the Professional Growth Funds in a meaningful way.  Thankfully, the Division Chairs agreed to this change.

So what does this mean for our school?  Essentially things will remain the same with the exception of how Professional Growth Funds are approved.  I have attached a copy of the new Pro Growth Form that contains some significant changes.  Please note that instead of completing the form electronically, we are asking that you turn the form into your Division Chair by the 20th of each month.  We are going to spend part of our second meeting each month approving Pro Growth Applications.  Please disregard the second page that deals with the reporting aspect of Pro Growth experiences.  This is going to be a work in progress for a bit.

John Bier
Principal, David Douglas High School