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Schwertfechten in Deutschland


The German HEMA Federation (DDHF e.V.
is the national representative body 
for Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA).

Our goal is to support/promote the study and practice of historical fencing in sports and research. The German community includes clubs, informal study groups, HEMA schools and martial arts sports organisations.

The members of DDHF focus on the study and reconstruction of technical treatises and/or fencing manuals from Late Middle Ages to the Early Modern period including both modern and traditional disciplines.

Typically, the term HEMA covers both traditional disciplines: teaching modes of combat e.g. in unarmed grappling/wrestling, longsword, dussack, polearm, dagger, long knife, and combat in plate amour and modern disciplines: teaching modes of combat e.g. in sabre fencing, bayonet fencing as well as walking-stick fighting methods and Bartitsu.

At present, the association is affiliated with 40 HEMA clubs, groups, schools with approx 1500 individual members.