Hello, my name is Brant Loewe and I have been teaching Physical Education and Weights at DC West since 2009. I am married to my wife Kristin  and we have three children; Mack, Rylan, and Charlee. I truly enjoy teaching and being around students. The sense of satisfaction from teaching someone a new skill or helping students reach new goals is second to none, and I wouldn't trade it for anything! I am currently an Assistant Football Coach at Skutt Catholic high school in Omaha. I am also an Assistant Junior High Wrestling Coach here at DC West, and in the spring I will once again be an Assistant Junior High Track Coach.In my free time (if I can find any) I enjoy spending time with my family, and water skiing.

If there are ever any questions or concerns I can be reached at bloewe@dcwest.org or (402) 359-2121.

My current schedule is:

1st Period Weights

2nd Period Weights

3rd Period Weights

4th Period Plan

5th Period Physical Education

6th-7th Period Leadership Weights

8th Period JHI Health

Please see untitled document below for class times.