... there is a need to evolve simulation for “predictions in real-time to support each individual business action”.                  Gartner 2011, Top 10 Strategic Technologies for 2011

Our Research

The manufacturing and service industries face challenges daily to ensure that the output from their facility satisfies the demands of their customers. To succeed, they need to operate in a manner which extracts the best performance from the combination of human talent, processing equipment, raw material and data resources available to them.  Here we use advanced modelling to understand the system characteristics so that future behaviour can be estimated in a manner which allows the decision maker confidence that their choices will result in improved output.

Our Experience Shows!

The complex problems facing manufacturers and service providers can be analysed and modelled to provide an understanding of the inherent characteristics of the system response to control inputs.  Through the use of optimisation and experimental analysis using the models as the basis, informed decisions to improve the effectiveness of the system can be taken and competitiveness enhanced in the face of the increasingly rapid changes in demand of modern society.

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