It is important for us to develop our classroom community and relationships during the first few weeks of school. Other than the Thursday Folders, all weekly volunteering opportunities will begin at the beginning of September (unless otherwise noted).

I will have a volunteer sign up at back to school night for yearly opportunities. I will also include opportunities throughout the year in our weekly email.

Volunteer Questions & Answers:

Q: Can I bring my younger child/children with me?

A: Sorry, but not for weekly volunteering. We love them. They are adorable, but it causes too many distractions. Please look for other opportunities, such as class parties, where all family is invited.

Q: Grandma or Grandpa want to volunteer. Is this okay?

A: Yes! It takes a village. Please sign up the same way.

Q: I want to volunteer and the times I'm available have already been taken.

A: Although I cannot promise one exact time, email me and I will do my best to work something out.

Q: Can I just pop in to volunteer?

A: Although you are always welcome in our classroom, please do not pop in to volunteer. It takes time and planning for me to prepare volunteer work and I will not have time to stop teaching to set something up on the spot. If you are not available for weekly opportunities, watch for other volunteering opportunities on our weekly email.