Positive Behavior

Class Dojo

Keeping Track of Daily Behaviors

Our class uses Class Dojo. Each student will get their own monster (they can create it) and parents will have access to their child's account to check it. I will have your sign up code at back to school night.

There are "positive" and "needs work" Dojo Points. Please note that we use all of these points in a productive way. A student receiving a needs work Dojo Point is not a negative or bad thing. They are not in trouble. All students will most likely receive both throughout the year. This is a way for them to be accountable for their own behaviors and make personal goals. We all make mistakes and learn from them. On a side note, Dojo has customized behaviors and our students create all of the behaviors. We always include a positive and needs work for each behavior.

**We turn in our points for prizes at the end of each month.

Learn more about PBIS. (Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports)

Learn more about RESTORATIVE PRACTICES we are using in Douglas County School District.

The class brainstormed several class activities/incentives they would like to earn this year and we wrote them in bubble letters. Each time we get a compliment in the hallway, we get to fill in one letter.

The whole class or individuals can earn Bison Bravos for demonstrating outstanding Bison behavior.

Students can earn a Bison Sticker for demonstrating Clear Sky Expectations. Once they have filled up their sticker chart, they will bring it down to the office for a prize.