Pearson Math Website

Below you will find the topic content for second grade. However, I teach math in small groups and students may be in different places at one time. Also, we will pull math concepts into our PBL planners and everyday lives.

2nd Grade Pearson Topics

Topic 1-Understanding Addition and Subtraction

Topic 2-Addition Strategies

Topic 3-Subtraction Strategies

Topic 4-Working with Equal Groups

Topic 5-Place Value to 100

Topic 6-Mental Addition

Topic 7-Mental Subtraction

Topic 8-Adding Two-Digit Numbers

Topic 9-Subtracting Two-Digit Numbers

Topic 10-Place Value to 1,000

Topic 11-Three-Digit Addition and Subtraction

Topic 12-Geometry

Topic 13-Counting Money

Topic 14-Money

Topic 15-Measuring Length

Topic 16-Time, Graphs, and Data

2nd Grade Colorado Standards

Number Sense, Properties, and Operations

The whole number system describes place value relationships through 1,000 and forms the foundation for efficient algorithms

Formulate, represent, and use strategies to add and subtract within 100 with flexibility, accuracy, and efficiency

Data analysis, Statistics, and Probability

Visual displays of data can be constructed in a variety of formats to solve problems

Shape, Dimension, and Geometric Relationships

Shapes can be described by their attributes and used to represent part/whole relationships

Some attributes of objects are measurable and can be quantified using different tools