Mountain Vista Visual Arts

Mrs. Heffelfinger is available daily before school and during SOAR every Thursday.  I teach in L610.
Welcome To Ceramics 2018!!
Codes to Google Classroom for all 2018 Spring Classes are listed here:
(use your DCSD student email)

Period 1                     kolihg
Period 2                 gfvqzux
Period 3              hnrdwbb
Period 4 II              oxzokl
Period 4 III            j9ivnq
Period 4 IV            gxyysn
Period 5                 htelw8
AP 3D Design         llkaub

Codes to Google Classroom for all 2017 fall classes are listed here:
(use your douglas county email)
Period 1 Ceramics I             4siixcu
Period 2 Ceramics I             ly6dok
Period 3 Ceramics II            6ftbzih
Period 5 Sculpture I             fqt39pw
Period 5 Sculpture II/III     4m7emqh
Period 6 Sculpture I             bt58dy
Period 6 Sculpture II/III     5f6f9u0
AP 3D Design                         llkaub