Tony Verbsky (aka VERB)

I have been teaching at HRHS since 1998 and each year I attempt to improve as a teacher.  This year, I decided to slowly implement many of my teaching techniques and tools.  Deep down I am an "old school mathematician" caught in a world of technology, but lucky for me I also like using many of today's technology tools.

 My classes basically consist of the following components:  Schoology-- Communication Platform, Math XL / My Math Lab / Quest Learning-- Digital Homework Platforms and Assessment Suites, and Traditional Mathematics with associated homework, quizzes and tests

I have spent many years building my high tech classroom and have experimented with many tech tools.  I find that the following are the tools that work best for me and my students: Multiple Document Cameras, Multiple Displays, Multiple Computers, Smart Board, Pen Display, Smart Pen,TI- 83 Calculator, and a Major Sound System

The combination of my "components" and "tech tools" allows me to implement the foundation of my teaching philosophy.  I warn you that the following statement is only the foundation of my teaching philosophy:
  • Put the students in a visual learners paradise by presenting material in a variety of ways on multiple displays ,then if the students are moving their heads they are learning.

I am currently working on the pages for my classes.  It is my intention to finish these pages in the near future, but currently I am wondering if my students can put a GPS on a remote control helicopter and then take the latitude, longitude, and altitude data and covert it to a 3D coordinate system and then import it into Maple to create a 3D animation of the flight path of the helicopter.

Verbsky's Contact Information

  • 720-985-1986 (Cell)
  • Available during 2nd half of Periods 2 and 7

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