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Creative Sewing


Q1- Creative Sewing

Apron Project Letter to Parents

Q2-Culinary Arts

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Bring to class each day: 

2. pen/pencil

Culinary Units: 


(working safely with knives)



Homemade red sauce 

with protein and colorful fresh steamed veggies! 


Homemade cakes, icing and chocolate designs!

Homemade yeast breads!


"Chefs in the Making" CREATIONS!

Thank you Colorado Beef Council for the grant money you award us with each year to help make beautiful dishes with quality beef products like these!


Understanding Impacts Creative Outcomes


"Every Minute Matters!"        "Think Outside the Basics!"

Class Outcome:

Safely grow towards becoming responsible, productive individuals and leaders through decisions made and actions taken.

21st Century Skill: Resiliency

Sees persistence as a way to accomplish goals and has the strength and courage to face challenges.

Embraces risk-taking and failure as a part of the process of growth.


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Cooking demonstration for the guest of Sandals Resort, using the spices  grown from the island of Grenada!
Grenada, known as "The Island of Spices" under a cinnamon tree.

How it All Began

Some of my first memories of cooking and being in the kitchen was when I was around the age of 5 and Santa brought me an Easy Bake Oven! Oh how happy I was! I must have baked every day for a solid month, proudly sharing my creations with anyone who would brave the test.

 Through my preschool and elementary years, there was my mother’s weekend ritual of cake baking for my brother and I. Oh how we both looked forward to that!  Coming from a single parent home, my dedicated mother did her very best, pinching her pennies, to raise us. Money was limited, so desserts were a very special treat. My mother would allow me to stand on a chair beside her as she guided me with her gentle hands in learning how to crack the eggs into the bowl, followed by operating the electric mixer to blend the batter.  Afterwards, my brother and I would look forward to joyfully consuming the remaining batter from the bowl and beaters.  We made the dishwashing easier for her! Haha!(similar to the rubber spatula these days)

The strongest influence in my life that has led me into the direction of being so passionate towards food and the love of baking and cooking has come mostly from the environment in which food was always at the center. As a young girl, I have such great memories of taking the long hilly country road drive to the farm, to visit my grandparents in Louisiana. I eagerly anticipated watching my Mammaw (my grandmother) do “her thing” in the kitchen. I loved her wooden rolling pins. Man, her homemade biscuits were the bomb! Fresh eggs from her farm raised chickens, and bacon or sausage from the animals they raised, along with the thick slices of large juicy deep red tomatoes my grandfather had grown in his impressive garden,  just WOW! I learned quickly,  FRESH is BEST!  I LOVED THIS country life!

Later, when Mom’s 7 brothers and sisters would arrive, for our Camp family reunion, along with my 20 or so cousins, the celebration was in full swing. The joyful collaboration in the kitchen of all of my aunts gathered together talking and laughing as they prepared food for everyone on the country farm really stuck with me.  The food and desserts were an outright spread, all over the country home! Of course, my eyes were bigger than my stomach! My plate would be piled high with a bit of everything! Especially the desserts! Preparing food together with others became my passion, not just for the love of food, but for all that came with it as well The enchanting kitchen-the room where great conversations, laughter, sweet smells and aromas filled the house, but yes, in the end,  it was also the FLAVORS of each dish that were so captivating. I was spellbound!  To this very day, I love entertaining and cooking for others in my home. I grow my own fresh vegetables in my backyard garden and wear my cowgirl hat and boots almost everyday! In addition to loving my family, this down hearted country girl also enjoys camping, fishing, horseback riding, kayaking, skiing, snorkeling, traveling, and just hanging out at home with friends around the firepit. And I'm very passionate about teaching YOU,  our Cresthill students the joy of cooking and sewing!

-Mrs. Tomczak

Essential Guiding Questions

·    What are your thoughts regarding safety and sanitation in the kitchen?

·    Why and for whom am I cooking?

·    Should we alter recipes?

·       How should understanding the knowledge of ingredients affect our preparation and cooking?

·       What is the significance of plate presentation?

·       How does Communication, Collaboration, Creativity and the ability to think

     critically, play a role in the world of Culinary Arts?


........Featured in the Denver Post......

"Culinary COOK OFF "

(Photos by John Leyba/The Denver Post)