Welcome to The Timber Trail Art Studio!  Artists at Timber Trail Elementary are encouraged to discover, appreciate, and interpret the art of many cultures and time periods. Timber Trail's art curriculum strives to develop perceptual awareness, produce creative works of art, instill knowledge of cultural heritage, and a basic understanding of aesthetic elements of art. Our art curriculum includes drawing, painting, collage, printmaking, ceramics, sculpture and dance. I try to allow art students to explore many different media in the art classroom. Today's schools need to be exposed to the world outside the town in which they live. In today's society, where hate is so prevalent, children need to respect and appreciate differences in others. A cultures art is like a window into the soul of that culture. By learning to appreciate art from those who are not like us, we can begin to learn to celebrate our differences

For more information on Art at TTE please click on the following link to visit the Art Class Blog.  You can follow my art teacher Twitter feed @MissWilsonArt.  MissWilsonArts is the Art Class Instagram account.  Miss Wilson Art Teacher is the my Art Class Facebook Page. 

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The best way to contact me is via email:  Wendy.Wilson@dcsdk12.org