Mr. Rasmussen

Hello, Falcons!  I am excited to begin a new era of my teaching career at Highlands Ranch as the Power Weights instructor!  I have previously worked as a Weightlifting, PE, and Health teacher at Elizabeth High School (7 years) and Englewood High School (3 years).  In addition to teaching at those schools, I have also coached high school baseball for 18 years in Colorado, 2 years of college baseball in California and at the University of Northern Colorado, and 7 years of high school softball.  Educationally, I have my Bachelor's Degree in Mass Communication, Teaching License in K-12 Physical Education, and Master's Degree in Psychology.  When I get done at work, I have a wild and crazy group of children waiting for me at home (twin 6 year olds - boy and girl - and a 9 year old daughter).  In my spare time, I enjoy watching the Denver Broncos and New York Mets, and listening to classic country music.  As your teacher, my goal for you is to leave the classroom a better person, student, athlete, family member, and community member, than when you entered it.  I hope you enjoy this year and remember, we're ALL IN, FALCONS!

Teacher Information
  • 303-387-2631
  • Fall Schedule
  • 0 hour - Power Weights (Weight Room)
  • 1 - Plan (office in boys locker room)
  • 2 - Plan (office in boys locker room)
  • 3 - Power Weights (Weight Room)
  • Access (Weight Room)
  • 4 - Power Weights (Weight Room)
  • 5 - Power Weights (Weight Room)
  • 6 - Plan (office in boys locker room)
  • 7 - Power Weights (Weight Room)

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