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Lingt Assingments

Review of Level 1:
Cpt 1a:  Study Stack , Quizlet
Cpt 1b:  Study Stack,  Quizlet
Cpt 2a:  Study Stack,  Quizlet
Cpt 7A:  Study Stack, Quizlet

August 20, 2013 - Assignments

Study by Chapter

Para Empezar Chapter

En busca de la verdad
Episodio 1 Quizlet
Episodio 2 Quizlet
Chapter 5A

Activity A:  Goldilocks & 3 Bears Story - Learn
Activity B:  Goldilocks & 3 Bears Story - Practice

Chapter 5B
Quizlet Cpt 5B

How to play battleship: 

a.     Click start.  You click on the board on the right side to guess your opponents ship location.  After your turn, wait and the computer will guess as your opponent.  The answers appear at the top of the screen, as to whether you hit or missed, and if your opponent hit or missed.  If you get a hit you will have to answer a problem about your vocabulary and get it correct in order for you hit to count. Have fun!

Robo en la noche
Cpt 7 Quizlet
Cpt 8 Quizlet
Cpt 9 Quizlet
Cpt 10 Quizlet
Cpt 11 Quizlet
Cpt 12 Quizlet

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