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Grand Opening Celebration a Success! More than 150 people, including students, parents, Douglas County School district representatives and local media, attended the Grand Opening Celebration of TR’s new Digital Learning Center on Tuesday, September 24th from 6:30 to 8:30 PM. The event featured performances from Drumline, Cheer, and Orchestra, an exhibit of new 21st century student artwork, delicious food from students in the ProStart culinary program and a tile dedication ceremony for business and family sponsors of the new library.
All attendees were treated to technology demonstrations such as skyping with a University of Colorado at Boulder admissions representative, creating family photos with Photo Booth and building electronic circuit boards in the Maker Space. 

An additional $550 in donations was raised that evening. These funds will be used toward creating the five Huddle rooms, or small conference rooms, planned for Phase Two of the ThunderRidge Education Partnership’s development of the Digital Learning Center. For more information about Phase Two, follow TEP’s activities on this website, on Facebook at ThunderRidgeEP or email them at

Support the New Library

Sponsorships are still being offered for the New Digital Library at TRHS.  Sponsors at all levels will be recognized with their name engraved on a tile and prominently displayed in the new library.  This is a great opportunity to support an educational cause, make your family’s mark, or leave a legacy to honor a graduating senior or an incoming freshman.

Digital Library Sponsor Tile and GBN Tickets save $10 - $150

A Library Sponsor assists in basic construction costs including lighting, carpet, paint and décor.

Furniture Sponsor $250

Chairs, portable white boards and tables are some of the furnishings you will provide through your sponsorship at this level.

Media Hub Sponsor$500

The Media Hub Sponsor provides the work and print stations for students to finalize their projects.

Lounge Sponsor $1,000

The Lounge area will be used for informal individual and group study.  The furniture in this area is designed so students can use their personal devices or check out a laptop or Ipad from the library.

Huddle Room Sponsor $5,000

Huddle Rooms are one of the most important areas of the new library as they will provide space for small group meetings, projects and collaborative studies.  Each room will have a table and chairs, drawing board and monitor for webcasts or digital projects. These five rooms will be named after their business or family sponsors.  Dual sponsorship is optional.

Our objectives for 2012-2014 include transforming the TRHS library into a Digital Learning Center that will be used by all students, teachers and even community members. Our vision is to create a versatile, contemporary space that allows for group and individual learning with hubs of computers and smart boards, small conference rooms for group projects and meetings and a Starbucks-style lounge area for individual reading and studying, with laptops and Ipads available to check out as needed.
See our plan HERE or play the video:

Friends of the ThunderRidge Education Partnership

The ThunderRidge Education Partnership is excited to announce their first contributors to the 2012-2013 Annual Giving Campaign.  With their generous donations, our plans to transform the library into a 21st century Digital Learning Center are underway.  Thank you to the following families for their support:

Phase One of New Library Completed!

The ThunderRidge library has a brand new look for the start of the 2013-2014 school year. Planned as a phased remodeling with conference rooms scheduled for the future, the new library features contemporary furniture, Grizzly green and blue carpeting and a fresh coat of paint. Apple laptops and Google Chrome books are available for students to conduct research or work on group projects when they visit the library as a class or during their free periods. Inspired by the spaces seen in today’s universities and workplaces, the ThunderRidge library promotes collaborative, 21st century learning with its flexible furniture arrangements and digital connectivity to the outside world of both scholarly and professional resources. The library is one of several initiatives ThunderRidge is doing to provide students with the tools necessary to successfully transition into their future.

But where are the books? "Today's students mostly research on line..."   Read more

View photos from the 2013 Grizzly Blues Night fundraiser here


Why does ThunderRidge High School need a Digital Learning Center? What is it?
The ThunderRidge library has not been updated since the school was built in 1996. The modern libraries of today, especially those on university campuses, foster collaborative learning and use the latest technology for in-depth digital research. Our Digital Learning Center will be a state-of-the-art learning space that will be used by all students, teachers and even community members. The Digital Learning Center would allow for group and individual learning with hubs of computers and white boards, small conference rooms for group projects/meetings, and a Starbucks-style lounge area for individual reading and studying, with laptops and iPads available to check out as needed.
How will a Digital Learning Center benefit my child?
Every student will use the Digital Learning Center. At least 16 classes per day take advantage of the computers and Ipads for reading textbooks online, listening to foreign languages, combing through the vast digital archives for history and English papers and preparing I searches and digital portfolios for art classes and senior projects. Fiction books are still the number one circulating item in the library. Students will come to the Digital Learning Center for both individual and group activities, just as they will in colleges or the work force. MORE 
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