Directions for Using Naviance

Registering for Naviance

  1. Open  the Internet and go to the following site:

  2. In the upper right corner, click on “Students and Families Log-in”

  3. Type in RHMS’ postal code:  80124 and click send.

  4. Select Rocky Heights Middle School       

  5. IF you need to register for a new account:

    1. Click “I Need to Register” on the right hand side.   

    2. Your registration code is your lunch number

    3. Use your SCHOOL EMAIL

    4. Your password should be your single sign-on (e.g. Dcsd123456)

    5. Click “I Accept”

    6. Complete Registration

  6. IF you have already registered - login:

    1. Use your SCHOOL EMAIL!!  

    2. Your password should be your single sign-on (i.e.  Dcsd123456

Writing Your Goals

Directions for Writing Goals in Naviance here

Documenting your progress in your journal

  1. Once you have completed setting your goals, you will need to document your progress at the end of each quarter (January and April.)  You will meet with me in late April/May to close out your goals for the year.

  2. Click on the tab “About Me”

  3. Click on Journal

  4. Add new entry

  5. Assign the type as “My Work Samples”

  6. Click on counselor, teacher, and parents

  7. Name your entry for the quarter  (e.g. LA journal for Quarter 2)

  8. Be sure you click “Add Journal Entry” when finished.

Due Dates:

  1. End of October - First draft of goals submitted to Ms. Poulos via Naviance

  2. If they are great - they will be accepted.  If they need revision - you will receive notification and be given until the end of November to revise and edit them.

  3. End of January - First journal entry is due - noting your progress toward completion or attainment of your goals.

  4. End of April -- Second journal entry is due - noting your continued progress toward completion of your goals.

  5. You will be invited to a goal finalization session late April to close out your goals for the year.

  6. Please email Ms. Poulos if you have any questions.  I am here to help and want to hear from you.