SMS Testing

Parents and Community,

Please be aware of the following information concerning state assessment.  In addition to standard classroom assessments at Sierra, your child may be asked to participate in the following assessments:  PARCC, CMAS, and DLM are state mandated; ACCESS is federally mandated for English language learners; MAP is a school wide assessment our teams use to address the needs of each student.  These assessments do provide helpful information that informs instruction and helps teachers differentiate based on student need.  Please keep in mind that each of these assessments is one part of a balanced assessment system and should be interpreted in light of all the available data pertaining to your child's academic performance.  

For more information concerning each assessment and the district's policy around assessment please click on the following links:

HB 15 - 1323 - This document lists and explains the purpose and use of each state mandated assessment and the additional school wide assessments that are used at Sierra.  

DCSD Assessment Policy - Explains Douglas County School's policy concerning testing.    

DCSD Assessment Schedule - This document lists the testing windows for PARCC, CMAS, ACCESS, NAEP, MAPS, DLM, CoALT, PSAT, SAT, etc...

Sierra's PARCC Testing Schedule - Both 7th and 8th grade will be testing in the mornings of April 10th - 12th. Make up testing will be worked in through the end of April.  8th Grade will also be completing the CMAS Science assessment on April 13th.  

PARCC Informational Videos - 

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

SMS State Testing Excusal  - This document will lead you through how to excuse your child from State Mandated Testing.   Excusal for this will be completed in Parent Portal under engagED.  

Parents/Guardians please note that you have the right to request that your child take a paper version of the PARCC and CMAS Assessments.  If you are interested in this option please contact Chris Stairs, School Assessment Coordinator via. email: