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Welcome to the Home Page for Mr. Spencer P. Woods's Website!
  • On the various tabs, you will find links to the syllabus for your course, standards-based grading information, and other materials and resources to help you succeed this year. 
  • Many links are repeated here, on the syllabus, and within other documents, in an attempt to maximize your access to the most important materials for supporting your work.
  • If any link does not work, please immediately email me, spwoods@dcsdk12.org. There are many simple ways to mess up posting a link, and problems can often be fixed in one or two minutes if I know about them. 
Contact Mr. Woods:
email: spencer.woods@dcsdk12.org  or spwoods@dcsdk12.org (both email addresses go to the same place)
phone: 303-387-2500 
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