Student Travel

The Sierra staff is excited to be able to offer several different travel opportunities for our students. These opportunities are offered in addition to the school-day field trips that are a regular part of academic and elective classes at Sierra.

The following travel opportunities will be offered on an annual basis. Participation in some trips is limited to students that are members of specific classes and/or student groups (those limitations are listed).

Central America / South America

      • Trips to Central America and South America occur on a rotating basis each year to avoid the rainy seasons. Central American trips take place during spring break while trip to South America are during the first weeks of summer vacation. Trips typically range between 7-9 days in length. Past trips have included visits to both coasts of Costa Rica, Peru, Nicaragua, and the two largest cities in Ecuador. This year's trip is to Panama with a trip to Belize planned for next year.

Washington, DC-

      • A trip to Washington, DC will be scheduled each school year. This trip will be open to all eighth grade students that choose to participate. The trip will be scheduled to coincide with school breaks when possible. The trip will be scheduled so that students generally do not miss more than two school days. This will be a 5 day trip with an emphasis on the United States historical and governmental sites in the DC area. Registration information will be provided to 7th grade students in preparation for their trip as 8th grade students. The cost of the trip is paid entirely by students that choose to attend. The school will not sponsor or arrange any fundraising activities for this trip.

National Journalism Convention-

      • This trip will take place in November or March of each school year. This trip will be limited to students that are enrolled in any of the journalism classes at Sierra (currently Yearbook, Newspaper and Broadcast Journalism). The emphasis for this trip will be the JEA/NSPA Convention or the CSPA Convention. The NSPA convention site changes each year (upcoming sites include Chicago, Dallas, San Francisco, and Anaheim). The CSPA convention is always hosted by Columbia University in New York City. This trip will generally be Wed-Sun, with students missing two or three days of school. The cost of the trip is paid entirely by the students that choose to attend.

Please use the links above to find more details about each of the travel opportunities listed here. Contact information for each trip will be listed on the individual trip pages.