What is Edgenuity?
  • Edgenuity is a personalized/blended online learning environment to help all students reach their greatest potential.
  • Suited for students in grades 6-12 and offers instruction of concepts in grades 3-11. 
  • Gives students what they need to catch up, keep up or get ahead.

The myPath program through Edgenuity is able to PERSONALIZE a learning plan for each student through the use of MAP scores . MAP is a nationally normed online assessment (like ACT and SAT) used throughout Douglas County and across the United States.  In addition to customizing learning for each student, the myPath program will also allow for additional opportunities for Sierra's math and ELA teachers to confer and work with students in small groups and one on one. 

How can my child access Edgenity- MyPath?

- Go to the SMS website and click on student links

- In the center of the page click on the Edgenuity log-in button (student login reminders are listed below this link)

* Recommended Usage

1 hour per week in language arts and math for students on grade level or above grade level and 1.5 hours a week for students who are performing below grade level