Compass Learning

Compass Learning
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What is Compass Learning?

Compass Learning is a personalized/blended online learning environment to help all students reach their greatest potential. Compass Learning is able to PERSONALIZE a learning plan for each student through the use of MAP scores. MAP is a nationally normed online assessment used throughout Douglas County and across the United States.  In addition to customizing learning for each student, the Compass Learning program will also allow for additional opportunities for Sierra's math and ELA teachers to confer and work with students in small groups. 

Examples of online programs you have probably used in the past:

  • Reading Plus

  • IXL

  • Challenge Math

  • Catch-up Math

For additional Compass Learning Support:



Phone: 1.800.678.1412

Student Login:

User: Student ID Number

Password: Student ID Number

School: Douglas CSD 

Sadie Levine,
Aug 19, 2016, 7:41 AM